We are broadcasting using Twitch because it’s the mainly trendy option. Sure, you could crowd your own stream and stream straight to your viewers, but it takes a lot less upload bandwidth to stream a game to a website like Twitch and permit that website to rebroadcast it to your audience.

First, you’ll require to make a free Twitch account you’ll stream the game with. Just visit How to Stream on and make an account. After creating an account, click your account name at the top-right turn of the Twitch homepage, select “Dashboard”, and click the “Stream Key” title. Click the “Show Key” key to get your private key. You’ll require this key to stream to your channel. Anybody who has the key can stream to your channel, so don’t share it with anybody else.

Set Up OBS Game Capture Mode

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free of charge, open-source video recording and streaming request that’s ideal for streaming on Twitch. OBS can record a screen shed and keep it to a local video file, but it can also live stream to a repair like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. OBS moreover allows you to add additional rudiments to your stream, so you can insert live video from your webcam, image overlays, and other illustration rudiments.

Download Open Broadcaster Software, install it, and blaze it up. OBS organizes your screen shed into “scenes” and “sources.” The scene is the last video or stream—what your audiences see. The sources are what include that video. You could have a scene that displays the stuffing of a game window, or a scene that displays the stuffing of a game window and your webcam superimposed over it. You could put up split scenes for each game you want to stream and switch between them on the fly.

Add a Game Capture Source

The first item you’ll require to do is add a game capture basis to your scene. Right-click in the Sources box and choose Add > Game Capture. Choose “Create New”, name the capture anything you want to call it, and then click “OK”.

Under “Mode”, choose “Capture any full screen application” and OBS will mechanically detect and capture full-screen games you play. If you’re playing a windowed game, choose “Capture specific window” in the mode box and choose the application. Make sure the game is running so it appears in the catalog here.

Now, open a full-screen game. If you Alt+Tab away of it, you should see its sample in the main OBS window. If you don’t see a sample, try right-clicking in the center of the window and ensure that “Enable Preview” is enabled.

Once you’ve place up your stream the way you desire, you require connecting OBS to your Twitch channel. Click the “Settings” button at the base right corner of the OBS screen or click File > Settings to contact OBS’s settings window.

Click the “Stream” sort, choose “Streaming Services” as your Stream Type, and choose “Twitch” as your service. Copy and paste the stream key for your account as of the Twitch website into the “Stream key” box. Choose the closest server to your place in the “Server” box. Click “OK” to keep your settings when you’re done.

If you required streaming to one more service—such as YouTube Gaming or Facebook Live—you’d choose it in the “Service” box and enter the facts it requires instead.

Start Streaming!

Now that OBS is linked to Twitch, all you require to do is click the “Start Streaming” button at the bottom right corner of the OBS window. To share your stream with further people, just direct them to your channel side.