Getting a PhD requires endless research, data collection, experimentation and writing. In the end, if you defended it, you would be awarded a degree, and if not, then all the time and struggle was meant for nothing. So, it’s crucial that you should be equally concerned about each part of the process. One of the most important phases is writing. Many students fail their thesis due to issues like poor writing, incorrect referencing, inappropriate data, etc. Here, getting some inspiration from famous PHD theses can assist. Picking up the relevant theses will help you to consider the topic and understand the methodology, sources, etc.
A poor thesis write-up is vague, offers a plot summary, is unprovable, and does not convince the reader because your viewpoint is important. So, it may irritate the committee or at least the chair of the committee to grade you a lower score. This whole discussion narrates the importance of writing a thesis which should not be questionable.
To help students, below we are giving examples of the most famous thesis of history. Let’s get started so that you do not drop your grades.

A List of 5 Most Famous PhD Thesis in History

If you are currently writing your thesis, you may be worried that this will affect your future achievements. It might be a stepping stone towards a bright career or may gather dust on forgotten library shelves. With this in mind, we have decided to present a list of famous doctoral theses so that you can learn what made them so special.
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Keep reading to know how researchers presented their original findings historically efficiently.

1. Marie Curie
Marie Curie’s PhD thesis is the critical analysis of her productive research regarding radioactive substances. She carried out these research activities in collaboration with her husband to deal with the experimental difficulties. Due to her exceptional work, this famous PhD thesis became the most important research paper in history. The top contributions made because of this paper in the field include,
●       Finding cancer treatments.
●       She was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for discovering two unknown elements, radium and polonium.
●       The invention of the portable X-ray machine advanced medical science
2. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was a German physicist who completed his research work at the University of Zurich. His famous PhD thesis paper was titled “On a New Determination of Molecular Dimensions”. Because of the groundbreaking approach, this paper soon became the foundation of modern physics. Some of the great achievements of Einstein are,
●       He proposed a model to determine the size of molecules more accurately.
●       He introduced the theory of special relativity to challenge the concept of time and space.
●       He introduced the theory of Brownian motion to explain the fluid movement of particles.

3. Bernhard Riemann
Bernhard is considered one of the top mathematicians of history. In his famous PhD theses, he proposed ideas that are of great importance in real and complex analysis, geometry, number theory and other subjects. His exceptional research work introduced innovations in the following ways.
●       He was the first to study differential equations.
●       He introduced general methods to produce the first major study of shock waves.
●       He presented an idea of complex function to number theory.
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4. Kim Eric Drexler
He is an American engineer who is known for introducing molecular nanotechnology (MNT) in his famous PhD thesis. His concept is based on molecular assembly. In a molecular machine, the molecules are assembled atom by atom. With her exceptional contribution, he is known as the “godfather of nanotechnology” or the founding father of nanotechnology. Here are the major contributions to his work in the field.
●       He published his doctorate thesis at MIT, which was turned into a book “Nano systems: Molecular Machinery Manufacturing and Computation.”
●       In 2013, he published his paper “Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilisation,” in which you introduced the idea that people will be able to produce radioactively more at a lower cost.
●       His book received the Best Computer Science Book award from the Association of American Publishers.

5. Karl Marx
Karl Marx’s theory was a criticism of capitalism and its shortcomings. He thought that this system was meant to destroy itself. At its expense, the workers become alienated and overthrown while the owners take hold of all production. His research pamphlet named “Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei” is the most celebrated paper in the history of the socialist movement. The main benefactions of the Marxist approach to the field include,
●       He covered 4 major areas in his famous PhD theses including philosophy, social theory, theory of communism and political economy.
●       He is the author of books including “The German Ideology”, “Wage Labour and Capital”, “Grundrisse”, etc.
●       He was the first theorist of global capitalism.

Writing a thesis is an important part of your degree. Consider it like a turnover for your future. The better you perform here, the better the chances to excel in a competitive market. Many researchers perform data analysis, but when it comes to writing a thesis, there are numerous errors along the way in this writing journey.
One of the best ways that you can keep up with the pace of perfection is by considering the greatest PhD thesis of all time. Considering a similar concern, the above guide presented exceptional research work of the 5 most famous PhD theses of history. Scientists like Karl Marx, Marie Curie, and Bernhard Riemann made remarkable contributions to their relevant fields.
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