When you earn the CEO title, people tend to imagine a person who is too high in the rank. There’s some truth, but a reputable CEO should possess qualities such as self-awareness, among others, to lead the organization to greater heights.

What Makes A Good Media CEO


Reputable CEOs are passionate about their job. They ensure their mission, vision, and goals come first in all their undertakings. Without connections and passion, it is hard to understand and manage the company.

Ability to Make Decisions

Good CEOs are strong communicators and straightforward in decision making. This doesn’t mean a leader will dictate what they think is right, but they engage other team members in open dialogues and come up with a conclusion. Brian Graden CEO should be responsible for making tough decisions for the company.


A great CEO should get out of their comfort zone and interact with other leaders. Doing so will help them to learn how other CEOs run their organizations. It is also best for a leader not to pretend they know it all and inquire for guidance from other leaders.

Friendly and Responsive

A reputable CEO should try to form a deep relationship with customers, workers, and other leaders. Having a close relationship will help them understand how other people think about them, and this will help them rectify their shortcomings.

Self- Confidence

A CEO who doesn’t believe in themselves may not lead the company in the right way. The CEO is the highest officer in the company, and his intelligence and conduct greatly impact the organization. They should stand their ground and speak what is right for the company.

Ability to Handle Challenges

Challenges will always be present in an organization, but a great CEO will invent ways to navigate them. They should also develop emotional stamina to withstand problems in the organization. If they make mistakes, they should own up to them.


The vision of a media CEO will determine the future of their company. Good leaders find ways to nurture their vision and remain open to other people’s views. A CEO should also test their idea in the real world without endangering MTV’s Brian Graden Company.

Being the top leader in an organization comes with lots of challenges. Everyone looks up to the CEO to make decisions, lead, and handle obstacles that may face the company. So, a reputable leader should have passion, vision, and be a team leader.