Video Editor

Since the marketing evolution, video has become an integral part of it. Video editing has become more valuable than the video itself due to the rise in demand for high-quality visual content. 

Video editing helps the creator fix all the flaws, cover all the gaps, and represent the refined work to its audience. 

As the title says, we are going to discuss the importance of video editing in the article with a bonus in the end. 

So, without any further ado, let’s begin! 

Video Editing and Its Benefits

Video editing is the post-production phase of video production. In this process, the editor performs editing, adds transitions, applies special effects, merges the video & audio, and gives a final touch-up to the video. 

Whether it is crafted in a production house or created in a small room-studio, in both of the cases, video goes through three main phases and these phases stay the same for every video type/style. 

  • The Pre-Production
  • The Production 
  • The Post-Production

In the pre-production phase, you come up with the video idea and plan the strategy. Next, in the production phase, the magic happens, and all the planned ideas are executed. In the end, the post-production phase comes where (with a little amendment) all the individual creativities are combined together to create one flawless masterpiece. 

We are not saying that post-production or video editing is the most important in video production but plays quite an effective role in a video presentation. 

For example, if you want to create a video (of any kind with any style), you have written a script, recorded voice-overs, shot multiple clips or animated the characters, but have not combined them as one. What do you think it’s going to look like? – a mess of creative assets. 

For a better understanding, let’s suppose once more that you have at last combined all the assets but have not applied any video editing elements, will it look the way you have imagined it? – umm, no! 

This is where you definitely need video editing! 

Here are some reasons why you should use video editing in your video project:  

  1. A Perfect Video Flow

For every creator, video is perfect and looks absolutely amazing until it reaches the point of post-production where the eyes of an editor catch the minor and deep errors. However, the desired flow can only be achieved if the video goes through the editorial phase, where the editor, director, and producer sit together to fill the unnecessary cracks. 

Mishap happens whether it is a life or a video. Sometimes while shooting a video, we encounter various unexpected accidents that ruin the whole shoot. For instance, bad light, terrible weather, absence of a crew member, the blink of an eye, or anything else, can make the video shooting difficult. 

When an editor receives the footage, he checks it overall and evaluates any error in it. Then he first connects the clips and creates a flow. Later he applies transition and modifies the clip (as required or instructed), he does polishing to smooth and organize the clips, and after the final touch-up, he hands it to the project manager for delivery. 

  1. Cutting Your Way to Success

While editing a video the most effective way to achieve a smooth flow is by using cuts. The cut-in-and-off is not as difficult as it sounds, all you have to do is to pick the start and the end time of the video, and it’s almost done. 

The cut also includes accurate cut shots that help the clips to adjust in the video perfectly with the timing, because timing is all that matters. 

You have to be a little careful while performing cut-ins because if you do it too quickly, it can ruin your audience’s watch-time with a sudden stop. The same goes with cut-off, if you cut-off a little, you end up with a shot that looks dragged.

  1. Scenes Switching

Scene switching can change the look of a video entirely, which can be done using transition. It is one of the most important parts of video editing and without it, the scenes of the video will look jumpy to the audience, making it ugly to watch. 

Video editing helps make the change of the scene smooth and elegant through the transition. The flow that the editor or the director wants in the video is what makes the video watchable, and transitions are the way to keep the pace of the video under control. 

Once the clips are under control and transition is applied, the editor can focus on continuity editing, coloring, VFX, layering, visual, and sound editing simultaneously. 

  1. The Sound Editing

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about video editing? Visuals, colors, video resolution, or transition maybe, but video editing is not all about these only. 

Video editing included audio, voice-over, and sound editing as well. You must have seen silent videos but the way you can understand the content and the context of the video with sound, is not achievable through muted video.

Sound helps in evoking emotion and gives the audience a path to follow the message of the story inside the video. Our eyes and ears work together to absorb all the information correctly.  

The combination of a voice-over and script can help the audience understand what the creator aims to deliver through the video. 

  1. The Revival 

Video editing is not beneficial for new videos only, it is best for reviving the old videos as well. Suppose you are a company that has created a product promotional video a long time ago and now just needs to add a couple of features to the video and it will be good to go for the new campaign. 

What will you do? Video production can cost you a fortune but video editing can be done in a little less amount. If you are smart enough you will choose video editing. 

It is the best practice that companies usually follow when they want to do a product relaunch with new features upgrading. It is a cost-efficient approach and requires a few hours to complete. 

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The Conclusion

Video editing is important in video production because it blends all the assets together to deliver the message that emotionally connects the audience with the story. 

Companies hire video editing companies to edit or perform finishing touches to the video. There are tons of video editing companies that claim to be the best in the business but apparently do not know anything about editing. 

Here you need to choose wisely. Look for a video editing company on the internet, go through their video portfolio, look for the client’s video testimonials and reviews, ask them to show you their work, negotiate with the cost, and if you found the company up to the mark, here you have the right match!

P.S: While searching, you might find some companies a little expensive or out of the budget, but if a company is providing fine video editing services, then there is no harm in hiring it. 

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If you are still confused about picking a video editing company for your business, then keep searching and evaluating the companies!