Choosing the Right Backpack for your Trip

Do you wonder if you should buy a Backpack or suitcase for your next trip?

It is a common debate on these 2 types of luggage. While there are advantages and downsides of each luggage, your destination matters most, and the activities you get involved in.

However, considering the lack of sidewalks in your destination, pulling luggage around, and sometimes carrying it, getting noticed easily, you may be better off with a backpack.

With a backpack, you are more mobile and agile, your hands are free, and you’re able to do anything with them without stress, movement is more convenient and faster.

What should you look for in Backpacks?

Size and Design

Backpacks are in different designs and sizes. Therefore, you should travel with a backpack size your height and weight can support.

You can check Blackbriar website for different quality backpacks.

Blackbriar has small sizes such as 18L Alpine, 20L Zappy, 25L Extreme Urban for easy carriage and travel.

You can also get medium sized such as 30L Range Duffle, 30L Zappy, 35L Extreme Travel for more items in different designs and colour.

Also, big sizes such as the 65L Extreme Big backpack, all come with 1 year warranty.

Some of these backpacks can also be carried like a suitcase like the Range Duffle.


I personally prefer backpacks that can be handled in different ways. Backpacks you can carry on your back, carry like a suitcase or like a cross bag.

Also, you should not use a backpack with more volume than necessary as this can prompt you to add unnecessary items in the bag, therefore, making it uncomfortable for you to carry.

Since the weight of the backpack rests primarily on your hips when worn correctly, it is important to have a hip belt that does not hinder you or cause pain when running.

Also, your backpack should fit close to your body.


Backpacks with multiple compartments in different sizes are better.

Your backpack should also have multiple openings so you can easily take things out if you need them on the go.

Safety and protection

There are protective covers for backpacks that allow you to better protect your luggage from moisture. 

Blackbriar backpacks for example are scratch proof, modernly designed with anti-scratch technology.

Also, they are snow and waterproof. Since

Luggage often gets wet from splashing sea water on boat trips, as the backpacks are usually left unprotected in the front or rear of the boat, these features are very important for durability of your bag.

Backpacks for Minors

If you’re travelling with your family, kids would be going with their backpacks.

It’s important to pay attention to their health. Your child should not carry more than 10% of his weight.

Get a backpack specially made for children, and for a specific age group for your kid, and don’t allow him to stuff the bag with unnecessary items that could add to the weight and cause strain to his back.

Where can I buy a quality backpack?

You can check online reviews for different backpacks from different manufactures before you buy yours.

I also recommend you buy Blackbriar backpacks. They are in different models and sizes.

They have backpacks with quality seams, zippers, belts and buckles. Lightweight, sturdy, and made with quality and robust materials.

If your Blackbriar backpack has functional defects, issues with the accessories or fabric within 1 year of purchase, you can get a free repair.

Even after a year, if you mishandle your backpack and have issues, you can get it repaired with a small fee.

How much would a backpack cost?

While you can get a backpack for $100 or less, I doubt you can get a quality one at this price.

Also, you should consider its purpose and durability. 

A backpack with the aforementioned features that are good for your health and made of quality material would cost between $200 and $400.

You can also get backpacks as low as $299 from Blackbriar.