Who’s a Business Leader?

Business leadership involves developing skills and cultivating habits that enable a leader to guide and inspire their teams toward achieving the goals of the business.

In the entertainment business, the need for a business manager is very important. A business manager can do the magic to bring an artist to the spotlight or help maximise their potential and increase profitability.

For example, top entertainers such as Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams, Drake, and Post Malone have praised David T Bolno for his impact on their careers as business managers.

In 2011’s Take Care album, Drake appreciated Dave Bolno and said he has helped him pull his life together and put him in a position where he can further build his empire.

Qualities of a Good Business Manager

A good business manager should have a vision

A good business manager should be able to understand the dynamics of the business he wants to manage.

He must also have or share a clear vision for the future of the business. This energises him to inspire his employer to work towards a common purpose.

A business manager should be able to communicate properly

For the entertainment business, effective communication with the artist is very crucial for a business manager.

It helps to share the vision, goals, and expectations of the business to the team members.

He should have empathy

A good business leader understands and empathises with the needs and concerns of his artistes. This fosters a positive work environment and builds trust and loyalty.

A business manager should be able to make informed decisions

Business managers should be able to make timely and informed decisions that can help their employers, even in challenging situations. 

They gather relevant information, weigh the pros and cons, and take responsibility for their choices.

Managers should be able to identify the strengths and skills of their artistes, help improve them while providing support and guidance as needed.

Business managers should be adapt to changes in the business environment

There are always impacts of technology and science on businesses, including the entertainment businesses. 

Business managers should adapt to these changes and trends. They should embrace innovation, encourage a learning mindset, and lead by example in navigating through challenges and opportunities.

Business managers are Mentors

A quality business manager serves as a mentor and coach to the business owner. He offers guidance, constructive feedback, and helps individuals develop their skills and reach their full potential.

Roles David T Bolno has played in entertainment business management

In the entertainment industry in the US, David Bolno is a popular business manager who has worked with both local and international client’s.

He has played important roles in the career development and financial management of artists, performers, and other entertainment professionals. 

Here are some of his key responsibilities and functions as a business manager.

Financial Management

One of the primary responsibilities of David Bolno is to oversee the financial aspects of an entertainer’s career. 

This includes managing his/her income, budgeting, tracking expenses, and ensuring the artist’s financial stability.

Contract Negotiation

He helps negotiate contracts with record labels, film studios, agents, and other industry professionals on behalf of his clients. 

He ensures that the terms and conditions are fair, protect his client’s interests, and maximise growth opportunities.

Income Management

Dave T Bolno handles the collection, tracking, and allocation of income generated from various sources such as music sales, ticket sales, merchandise, endorsements, royalties, and licensing deals. 

He ensures that his artists receive proper compensation and manage revenue distribution.

Financial Planning and Investments

He works closely with entertainers to create financial plans for their careers. 

David offers advice on investments, savings, tax planning, and wealth management to help artists make sound financial decisions for their long-term success.