The product of android smartphone named Nokia 8 is the recent android phone from Nokia but actually not all people know about this product much. It can be said that this product is not really that popular, but it does not mean that it is not a worth it android phone. It is only about the popularity of this product which is not really booming in this era. Sure, most of us know well how legend this brand is actually in the past but now it is not really heard. Most of us of course have ever owned a Nokia phone in the past.

When the smartphone becomes the essential thing, this brand is getting marginalized since there are so many other brands which offer the great technology smartphone with the higher technology and also better features and performance. That is why then this brand is on its low condition since they could not compete with other brands which have some ranges of smartphones.

However, in today’s life the brand is said to do some improvement by launching several types of smartphone products with the various features and technology. It is including the products of the Android smartphones by Nokia. Previously, we have known about the Nokia 3 till Nokia 6 and now we can find the product of Nokia 8. Sure, some of us want to know the recent smart phone product from this legendary brand. It is said that there are some great features which complete this device as like the other new yet booming smart phone products, as like the existence of the dual primary camera on the rear part of this device. That is one of the key features which are offered by this device and of course there are some other key features which are also interesting to be discussed.

About Nokia 8

If you are interested in knowing much more about recent product of android smart phone by Nokia, we are going to share about the Nokia 8 here. This device is also said having such the powerful great cheapest with lots of other great features as their key features. The display of this phone is also said to be really clear and great size. However, it could not be said as the great product of android phone especially if we compare it to other competitors.

The Key Features of Nokia 8

In dealing with the Nokia 8 review, that is a good idea to know well about the key features which are offered by this phone. This device works on the platform of Android Nougat (version 7.1.1). This smart phone has the big size of the display screen which is about 5.3” of the QHD LCD. That offers the clear quality of the display which can give the better comfort in enjoying various tasks including in watching videos and playing games.

As the CPU, it uses the Snapdragon 835 with the RAM of 4 GB. The battery of this device is also that great which uses the 3050 mAh. If you love to enjoy taking photos using your mobile device, this device is completed with the dual main camera on the rear. They are the 13MP camera. This also has the front camera in 13 MP. This is one of the great feature which makes people are interested in knowing this product much closer.

Nokia 8 Design and Appearance

The design and appearance of Nokia 8 also become something interesting to be discussed. From its look, it has the attractive look especially for its rear body. This device uses the aluminium uni body. The metal edges make this phone looks really elegant yet luxurious.

Still, you may also experience the different feel from one to another because of the different finishing types. They are the tempered blue and also steel. Both of them offer the matt finish feel. The design of this phone is that good and offers the comfort especially with its proper size. This product of Nokia 8 offers slim body, so that anyone can enjoy gripping this device.

Nokia 8 Pros and Cons

There are also some points of Nokia 8 pros and cons which may be good to know especially as the considerations of this product. For the pros of this device, this offers the attractive design which looks so luxurious. It also has the dual camera with the dual sensor as its main cameras. The display of this phone is also really great with its QHD.

There are also some cons which we need to deal with including there is no great unique feature which is offered. There are also some issues regarding to the buggy interface. The price which is not that cheap may also be another con which we need to consider about the Nokia 8.