The much-awaited release of the Apple new version ios 11 was announced in the official gathering months ago. The final version of the software has finally released in the recent meeting which has the new download work-in-progress version of the ios 11 software. The curiosity of the people has been raised to a great height which will finally come down on September 19 of this year.

Apple Company is following the usual schedule and has marked the page for the ios 11 release. The release was finalized months ago, but the developers were waiting for the big features better than the iOS 10. Finally, they have succeeded and produced the best version of the ios 11 that has amazing features and beta updates.

About the release date of ios 11

The ios 11 has revealed some of its special features in June and finally the improved features over the predecessor, ios 10 will be released in the upcoming days. On the release date of the iPhone X event, the companies have shared some of its features and have raised the curiosity level of the customers till September 19.

Before the pre-release date of the ios 11, the company has some arrangements to test the best teasers to try out it with the iPhones and iPads. After the checking of the software on the iPhone and iPads, the developers have again modified the software before the final release date.

Who can support the new version?

The iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 7,iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2017), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2015), iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 5th Generation, iPad 4th gen, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPod Touch 6th gen can support the ios 11 version.

Advanced features of ios 11

The Apple’s WWDC 2017 has a huge number of new features that are creating a temptation among the customers. The features in the iPads are quite costly than the other devices. Due to the announcement of the ARKit which is a part of the ios 11 at WWDC, allows the developers to offer the high-end augmented reality features in their apps even without developing the AR systems. It also enhances the AR solutions like the Pokémon go.

The Apple’s ARKit supposes to offer the augmented reality apps that are capable of positional tracking and understanding the scene. The new ARKit version is formed from the most creative minds and advanced technology. On 12th of September, the developers will demonstrate the capabilities of the AR in the iPhones and also about the games in the store. The biggest achievement of the Apple is the redesigned app store.

The developers have added the new features to the app store for several themes and also shown some tutorials in the app. The app store is now capable of displaying the new and popular games; offers download facility and app-purchase scheme. The ios 11 features are creating magic among the customers by providing the best control centre system, 3D touch lock screen and new sliders in the notification sections.

The messaging app of the ios 11 has been updated with several new features that include the app drawer, stickers and the peer-to-peer features via messages and much more. The TouchID fingerprint sensor and the money receiving in the Apple cash card are new features added. The features also allow transferring the money directly to the account. The Apple Company has also added the quick type keyboard to the device that makes the operation of the device easy.

The keys will move closer towards the thumb for one-handed typing. The new visual interface and the Siri features where the voice quality of the male and female is improved are also added to the ios 11. The device can translate the voice to German, French, Italian, Chinese or Spanish language. The smart invert describes the app colours, web pages and also about the cameras.

The long waiting of the customers about the dark mode is finally solved and soon will come to the market. The new dark mode with black background design will surely blow the eyes of the customers. The cameras have a lot of improvements including the quality of the image. The live photo effects, improved tracking of data, indoor and line maps, the airplay 2 and apple music improvements are also added to the new version.

To download the ios 11 beta, the update is still in improvement, but the company has released a public version those who love to live on the cutting edge. The developers are working on the installation process.

New Features, Pros and Cons of iOS 11

Apple has announced its newest platform version for the operation system recently in the Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC. There are two versions released; they are iOS 11 and MacOS 10.13 for Smartphone and PC respectively. MacOS 10.13 is known also as High Siera with some upgrades available. Meanwhile, iOS 11 is intended for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with various new features although some others are maintained from the previous iOS version.

The New Features from iOS 11

One of the newest and most interesting features presented by iOS 11 for iPhone is the technology of Augmented Reality or AR. What is it? AR which is supported by an AR kit is functioned to help the developers in accessing camera feature as well as creating virtual content that is able to display Augmented Reality-Format pictures. That makes the pictures or images resulted looks more real. Meanwhile, for you who like to save your documents in the Smartphone in a large number, there is also Dock Feature. Dock Feature has an ability which is similar to MacOS, the PC version of iPhone. It supports numerous files in the form of applications and documents.

Do you have any problem in opening an app while you already use another app? The problems like the phone is stopped and the likes will be no more experienced if you use this series. Yes, there is App Switcher, an application that enables the users to switch apps more easily using Slide Over mode and Split View. Next, there is Drag and Drop feature to help you moving the documents, pictures, links and others from one disk or folder to another. By using this app, the moving can be easier and faster.

Apple iOS 11 is also equipped by the machine learning technology and the newest artificial intelligence. This technology is used for learning the daily user’s habit. Without too many ways in setting, it can help you in your daily activity like waking up in the morning using alarm clock and the likes. Still related to the technology intelligence, there is also another unique feature namely “Do Not Disturb While Driving”. When you turn it into ON mode, you really cannot even play your Smartphone while driving. This mode is very good basically by remembering that many accidents are caused by the habit of using Smartphone while driving. There are two thumbs up for Apple anyway for this feature.

For you who love capturing moments with your Smartphone, here are several features at once available to support the camera. They are True Tone Flash and HDR that are functioned to give the best photo effects for both main and front cameras.

The Pros of iOS 11

Despite the new features mentioned above, there are some other great features upgraded. First, there is new layouts for the Lock Screen. The pass code has bolder font as well to make easier to read particularly for the users with sight problems. Then, there is also one-handed keyboard. It is to enable the users to type the text only with one hand whether it is left or right. It is because the keyboard can be set densely into left or right.

There is a remodel in Control Center in iOS 11 platform where this feature can just be changed and set up based on the users’ wants. You can choose what you want to display in the Control Center through Settings. There are many options anyway; starting from the Low Power Mode, Notes, Text Size, Screen Recording, Wallet, and so forth. Besides, in the Settings menu, there is also an option to remove the apps that are rarely used. The removing process can even be done automatically but the database is still kept if the users may need it sometimes.

Some other features are also equipped with automatic mode. Some of them are Auto Pausing while updating and Automatic Setup. Auto Pausing can be used while doing photo synchronization particularly in certain conditions like low battery. Meanwhile, Automatic Setup is used while setting up the new iOS device. Here, you can copy many features including Settings, Preferences, iCloud Keychain and many more.

The Cons of iOS 11

The heat and battery that drops easily are the main problems here. Those two matters are related each others indeed. Meanwhile, the screen along with Touch ID is often not responsive particularly after the users do the major update. Fortunately, the problem can be solved by restarting the device. The bugs are also coming from the Bluetooth and Wi Fi features that sometimes cannot be turned off even when the users have tried to do it manually.

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