Video Trends

The power of video marketing can’t be denied. Video is among the most effective marketing tools available today. In fact, according to a recent report from HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video ideas from brands and businesses they support.

But with so many different types of videos and content out there, it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to creating videos for your brand.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of video trends that you can use to improve your brand in 2022:

Product Videos

Product videos are one of the most versatile types of videos you can create for your business. They can be used as part of your sales process (on product pages or in email marketing campaigns, for example), or they can exist as their own marketing content to drive awareness and interest in your product.

Product videos don’t necessarily have to be difficult to create. Some of the most stunning video are shot in one take and edited extremely simply. The objective is to highlight the product in a way that is both educational and visually appealing.

Tutorial Videos

Another option to improve your brand and connect with your consumers is tutorial videos. They provide value by teaching viewers how to do something, whether it’s using your product or service or accomplishing a task related to your industry.

Tutorial videos are an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. They’re also helpful for showing off your product or service in action and demonstrating how it can be used to achieve specific results.

How-To Videos

Like tutorial videos, how-to videos provide value to viewers by teaching them how to do something. The difference is that while tutorial videos focus on demonstrating the use of a product or service, how-to videos focus on providing a general overview of how to do something.

They can be used to cover a wide range of topics, from cooking and DIY projects to car maintenance and web development. And like tutorial videos, they’re an excellent way to create a sense of trust with your audience.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful types of videos you can use to promote your business. That’s because they provide social proof that your product or service is effective, trustworthy, and worth investing in.

When done right, testimonial videos can be incredibly persuasive. Use them to showcase your delighted customers and highlight the results they accomplished with your assistance.

Customer Story Videos

Customer story videos are similar to testimonial videos, but they tend to be more focused on the customer’s journey and less on the specific results they’ve achieved.

Customer story videos are a compelling way to humanize your brand and connect with your audience on a personal level. They’re also an effective way to build trust and show that you can help them achieve their goals.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are a way to grab attention and stand out from the competition. They can be used to promote your brand, explain your product or service, or simply tell a story that captivates your audience.

Animated videos are also an effective way to convey complex information in a digestible format. And because they’re often more fun and engaging than traditional live-action videos, they’re more likely to hold viewers’ attention from start to finish.

Live-Action Videos

Live-action videos are the most traditional type of video, but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Live-action videos can be some of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.

Live-action videos can be used to promote your business, sell your product or service, or just tell a compelling tale to your target audience. They’re also a great way to engage with viewers on a more personal level and gain the trust of potential customers.

Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Vlogs are a type of video that’s become increasingly popular in recent years. They’re typically shot in an informal, unique style and cover a wide range of topics, from daily life and current events to pop culture and travel.

They’re great for showing off your personality and giving viewers a peek behind the scenes at your business.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Video is one of the most popular content types on the internet, and it’s only going to become more popular in the coming years. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and improve your brand, it’s critical to start using some of the hottest video trends.

Some of the video trends include using platforms like YouTube and TikTok to reach a wider audience; using live video to connect with viewers in real-time, and using creative visuals and animation to make your videos more engaging.

If you’re not sure where to start, try experimenting with different video platforms and formats to see what works best for your brand. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the latest trends so you can always be one step ahead of the competition.

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