No, you definitely can’t get out of Germany on the job seeker visa and go anywhere to Europe. Its because European countries don’t have such privilege until and unless you hold citizenship of any European country. Or if, instead of the Germany job seeker visa you have the  Schengen visa which allows you a without-visa transit to any part of European Union, for 90 days in a time span of 180 days. 

Since the candidate should have the Schengen visa of Germany, if he wishes to go there and then travel to one of the other 25 countries for excursion purposes, he has to apply to the local German consulate for this visa.  Germany is his primary destination in this case.

You can travel to any Schengen country with this visa including Germany for 90 days. This 90-days stay can be continuous,  or discontinuous(divided over a span of 180 days), in Germany or in any Schengen country depending on your choice. However, you can’t look for a job in Germany on a Schengen visa, which is only possible with a Germany job seeker visa.  It’s because in the interview application form, you have to indicate your visa status and since it’s illegal to search for a job on a Schengen visa, your interview will be canceled.  

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The Schengen visa will allow you to stick in Germany for 90 days for sightseeing and within these 90 days, you can travel to as many Schengen countries as you want. With a Germany Job Seeker, visa, you can visit Germany and do job search here for 6 months. 

Difference between Germany job seeker visa or Schengen visa

Schengen visa needs flight tickets and schedule to be provided as an evidence for the genuine need of this visa. No such documents are needed for the German job seeker visa.


In case of a Germany job seeker visa, you can get a chance to be up-close and personal with Germans for 6 months and learn about the way they work. Your German skills become as good as citizens of Germany. A Germany job seeker visa requires you to be an education holder in the domains of science, technology engineering or medicine. This kind of education should be in the form of a graduation or an under graduation degree. No such conditions are present for a Schengen visa. 

The norms a German job seeker visa, govern that a candidate has to look for a job in this country, and once he is not able to do so, he will have to make an exit once 6 months expire. So, a cover letter has to be supplied when you want this visa which will include your career plans once you get a job and when you don’t. No such letter is needed for getting a Schengen visa. 


The advantage of a German job seeker visa 

If the candidate has been so successful in getting a job, he can get the residency of Germany based on whatever salary, will be presented. 

If he has gotten a salary of as much as 84,600 Euros, his settlement permit is guaranteed in Germany. No such PR is possible with a Schengen visa.