Google is now heading towards with the launching of the new operating system, being viral as Android O. The release date is coming near and every Android user is in the exciting mode to enjoy all the new features. Android O will be the successor of Android Nougat and will bring amazing functionality to its Smartphone’s and tablets.

Google always tries to impress its users by giving a sweet treat, by naming its OS after mouth watering food items. O can be for Oreo, for Android O. Other versions of Android were like Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Jelly belly etc. Without wasting any time further, let’s have some looks on its exciting features.

Advance Setting Menu:

The setting menu comes with the most understandable visual changes. It includes dark grey texts on the whole white background. The side navigation menu in the Nougat is not present this time. But Google is successful in making the setting mode simpler and better understandable.

New File manager:

This feature of Android may not be at the top in the market, but now you can easily browse the files without external apps. The file manager in the Android O comes with a decent makeover. It may help you in easy navigation of the files, also enables you to open and delete it from there itself.

Battery Saving:

The battery is still a major problem with the Smartphones. Android O can help in fixing the problem of standby battery drainage. With the background execution limits, Android O will make sure that the apps will not run with the background services. Here the working apps can only request you with the location updates. This will help in saving the battery drainage problems of the Android Smartphones.

Doze off Individual Notification:

The Android O has the ability to snooze every single notification on the phone. When the notification of the message appears on the screen, you can easily swipe it and tap the clock icon to snooze the notification for a specific period of time. The message will go away for that time and will reappear after the time is complete. You can customize the snooze time as per your convenience.

Finger Print Scanner:

Google has already launched the fingerprint scanner through Pixel and Pixel XL. But with Android O, the finger print scanner has come up with whole new level. It will enhance the safety of your device and protect your data from thefts.

Navigation bar Turner:

It is the biggest change in the Android O and it has expanded the options available in the Navigation Bar. This feature enables you to change the on-screen navigation button. It allows you to tweak the layout on-screen buttons and you can also add extra icons on the screen.

Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts:

With this feature, you can add custom shortcuts which show up in the bottom corners of your lock screen. You can pick up any apps to occupy the spaces and there are many handy shortcuts you can choose from. Now, you can easily open up the selfie camera directly.

The Picture in Picture Mode:

Android O will allow you to view the picture in picture mode. With this mode, you will get the split screen window, which will allow you to perform different tasks while watching the videos. Now, watch streaming videos and perform important tasks side by side.

Advance Battery Menu:

The battery menu in the Android O has come with a new makeover. The older battery options like Adaptive brightness and Battery Saver are now at the top of the menu and very easy to access. The battery graph in the battery menu is far easy to understand. But also guides you about the battery usage with proper scanning of the device.

Inverted Theme:

In this feature of the Android O, the system menu will provide white backgrounds and dark accents. One can even hope for few more exciting theme options in the upcoming versions. But in this version, the inverted theme is available in the display menu.

Notification Channels:

With this feature of Android O, now you can create categories for the various notifications. With this, you will be able to manage the priority and visibility of each notification. You can also mute the notification or completely hide the notifications.

Adaptive Icons:

Through the adaptive icon, the developers can make a single app icon and the operating system will do the remaining work. The icon will amazingly crop and align with the system settings. Once the app gets updated from the system, all the app icons will match its shapes.

Hi-Fi Bluetooth Codec’s:

Bluetooth is always neglected due to slow speed and connectivity. But now Google has added better quality Bluetooth codec’s and it will improve the audio quality with its compatible Bluetooth devices.

Arrow Keys and Tab navigations:

The Android O is very dependable and predictable while using the arrow keys and navigation interface. It is amazingly a true change and one can even use it Android enabled TV Boxes.

Color Gamut Apps:

Android O will allow you to use wide color gamut on its supporting devices. This will help you to edit photos to a larger extent. The displays will also get improvements up to the higher ends.

Wi-Fi Aware:

The Wi-Fi aware feature in the Android O comes with amazing functionality. Despite running on the same Wi-Fi network, this Android version will discover the other one and help in creating a private network. This will allow the devices to share the data among themselves.

Connection Indicators in Quick settings:

This may be a minor development but the time you pull down the notification shade, you will configure a set of connection indicators on the top of the screen. On tapping, you will not go anywhere but will provide you with the exact information.

Powered by Android:

It’s the new addition to the screen which appears while booting the phone. This shows a badge of Powered by Android and is itself an amazing touch.