Learning to Code: This Is What You Need to Understand

Thinking about learning to code but aren’t sure where to begin?

There’s a range of programming languages to discover, from PHP to Angular and Java. The most popular ones like JavaScript allow you to create a web or mobile app for millions of users to enjoy.

But where do you start when you want to learn to code?

This article offers 5 simple steps to start you on your programming journey.

Read on to discover which language you should choose to start with. Learn what an IDE is and how trial and error is one of the most common coding tips for beginners.

  1. Learn to Code by Choosing One Language

If you want to speak a new language which would you choose?

You’d consider why you want to learn it. Where in you wish to travel and put into practice. And how popular it is.

The same goes for computer programming languages.

If you want to develop websites, then research JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These form the core of ‘front-end’ web design. Or if you want to code in the ‘back-end’, try Node.js, PHP, Python, or Ruby.

Google these names to get a flavor of what each offers. A good place to start is JavaScript as nearly every website uses it.

  1. Learning to Code Tutorials

Once you’ve chosen a language it’s time to learn the basics. And the best way to code comes through tutorials.

Google is your friend so search for free tutorials online and on YouTube. These will guide you in creating your first program and provide expert advice on setting up your computer.

They’ll also break down complex terms and help you learn the difference between good and bad practices.

  1. Install an Integrated Development Environment

An IDE is an application that helps you to write code.

It’s designed to make life easier by offering hints and coding tips as you type. Free IDEs like Visual Studio Code let you debug or test your code directly within the environment.

You can also use Notepad++ and others to create JavaScript and web pages so try a few to see what works best.

  1. Best Way to Code Is Via Trial and Error

Once you start to program, you’ll soon discover that you make lots of mistakes.

Good! The best way to learn to code is by making errors then building from them. Don’t expect to always get things right but make sure not to repeat those same mistakes.

Use trial and error to test your code and understand how the architecture works.

  1. Coding Tips at Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is an invaluable resource for every level of programmer.

Enter a query, problem, or error code into the search box for instant answers from professional developers. It’s tied tightly with Google too so you can Google Search results for quicker access.

However, don’t just read the first answer.

Scroll down for different opinions. There are many ways to solve a problem and it’s best to understand them all.

Tutorials on How to Code at TechinExpert

Learning to code doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Once you choose a language, set up your IDE, and follow an online tutorial, you’ll soon get into the swing. Remember to search on Google and Stackoverflow when you get stuck. Who knows, you could become part of a development team one day!

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