The moment you start using one marketing strategy, a new one pops up. The second you learn a new buzzword, it’s out of fashion. Trying to keep up can feel a lot like running on a hamster wheel.

But digital content marketing is different.

Content marketing has been around for decades and remains the most powerful form of marketing. Now the web has taken over from print, digital content marketing rules the roost.

Making the most of this marketing can transform your business. It can draw in more customers than you ever thought possible.

But what is digital content marketing? And how can it be so powerful?

We get that it sounds like just another complicated buzzword. In this article, we’re going to break it down in the simplest way. Let’s get started.

What Is Digital Content Marketing?

Digital content marketing provides valuable content relevant to your audience. By giving this content away, you can build loyal, long-term relationships.

The easiest way to describe it is with a good old example. 

Let’s imagine there are two companies. They both sell homeware. You know, small furniture, throw blankets, cushions, lamps, and pretty storage.

Company A sticks up adverts saying ‘Look what we have! You should buy it.’ They have an email newsletter that lists their products and spams your inbox every week. Yuck.

Company B does things a little differently. They have a blog packed full of posts like, ‘How to Create a Minimalist Home’ and ‘Ten Items You Need For Your First House’.

They post interior design ideas and guides. They have free downloadable ebooks packed with inspiration. They share social media images with captions explaining how to make your dorm room cozy and unique.

Some people will buy from Company A when they see a product they like. But Company B has followers, subscribers, and customers who read their blog every week.

Company B’s blog posts pop up in search engines when someone types, ‘how to create a minimalist home’. They love what they read. They subscribe, learn, and buy from Company B whenever they want homeware.

This is digital content marketing.

Why Is Content Marketing So Popular?

You can’t go anywhere on the web today without running into somebody talking about the importance of great content. But it’s not a new thing. It’s been around for generations.

It’s come back into our daily business language for one reason: it works.

But why?

It’s Not Salesy

There are few things we like less than being sold outright to. It feels…icky. Content marketing doesn’t try to sell you a product or a service. It’s not an advert telling you why you should buy such and such.

Instead, it trusts that when readers get value out of content, they feel aligned with the company that created it. When they want to buy a product the company sells, they already trust them. Why would they go elsewhere?

It Provides Real Value

Content marketing is giving away something. It aims to do one of the following:

  • Educate – it teaches you something you want or need to know. Like a blog post explaining how to do your taxes. Or a guide showing you how to make the perfect Christmas wreath.
  • Inspire – it offers a list of the best places to go for a winter break. Or five summer activities for families in your local city.
  • Entertain – it brightens your day and provides relief. Like a funny video on ‘Ten Things New Yorkers Can Relate To’
  • Problem-solving – it gives you the answers or resources so you can solve your problem. E.g. free budget templates, video tutorials on how to draw on a screenshot or a checklist for buying cupboard staples.

By providing value for readers without trying to sell them anything, businesses show that they care about their audience. The reader trusts the business and can see their expertise in action.

This trusting relationship turns readers into loyal customers.

Types of Content Marketing

A content marketer produces different types of digital content. If you want to know how to market a website, the following methods are your starting points.


Using blogs for business is one of the most powerful parts of digital content creation. Publish blog posts that give valuable information to readers, related to your business.

Example: Sell the latest TVs? Create this post, ‘The 10 Best Classic Movies to Watch at Home’

Social Content

Social media works fantastically for drawing in your audience but only if it’s done well. Instead of posting images of your products, create images and short videos that educate, inspire, or entertain.

Example: In the business of vacation homes? Share an image of someone learning to kitesurf at the beach near one of your lets with details of other activities nearby.


80% of online content is video and it provides immediate impact. Watching a tutorial or an inspirational video is much more powerful than simply reading about it. Videos can be as short as you like, include interviews, or focus on a screen.

Example: Run a recruitment agency? Share a video interview of someone describing how they pursue their passion through their work.


eBooks are digital books that can be read in a browser or downloaded, often in PDF form. These are usually educational and informative and go into greater depth than blog posts.

Example: Work in real estate? Offer a free, 10-page ebook describing the things to think about when looking for a house.

How to Get Started

Digital content marketing is all about offering genuinely valuable content to your audience. As your readers keep coming back for more, they’ll get to know your business, your style, and that you’re an expert.

It might sound like a lot goes into content generation but each method works together. You can post your blogs to social media, include video in your blogs, and link to ebooks right on your website.

The beauty of content creation is that it’s unique to your business. Using your brand style, play around with different types and amaze your audience.

Ready to jump in? Follow us for more guides and tips to the most important aspects of business marketing.