According to telecom audit companies, unlimited data plans sound exciting on paper. Imagine getting to make unlimited calls. However, they may not always be the right choice for obvious reasons.

Most cellular companies including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon offer unlimited plans, but are they a good choice for you or your business?

Let’s find out:

Unlimited Business Plan – When Is It Worth It?

Going over the limit means having to pay an extra fee which can be a bit frustrating. Unlimited plans can make you feel at ease, but they come at a high cost.

You will not have to worry about keeping an eye on your data usage as you’d pay a fixed rate, no matter how many GBs you use.

They appear to be beneficial for businesses, but they may not always be the right choice.

When Is It Worth It: Such plans can be a good choice if you need a significant amount of data.

Consider your usage. How many GBs do you consume per month?

What kind of tasks do your employees provide?

How much data do they need?

Answering these questions will help you determine if you should or should not go for an unlimited plan.

While rates vary from carrier to carrier, such plans cost about $30 per month, per line.

The nature of business also plays a critical role in this regard. For example, real estate agents have to make many calls. They need to be in touch with homeowners, other businesses, and potential clients.

For such businesses, an unlimited plan may be the right option.

When It Is Not Worth It: The key lies in knowing how much you consume and currently pay. If your bill remains under $30, the average cost, and you do not have to compromise on data then there’s no need to opt for an unlimited plan.

Also, it may not be a suitable option if your job requires more face-to-face communication and less network usage.

Important Factors To Consider

  • Usage Pattern: Keep an eye on the number and notice how many employees reach their limit or come close to it.
  • Feedback: Consider what your employees want. Since they use data, their opinion can be constructive in such decisions.

Plus, some employees may already have unlimited plans on their personal phone. If such is the case, you may not have to buy another plan, or you could pay your employees a bonus to use personal data to make business calls..

Such a move can improve loyalty and make employees feel special.

  • Tethering: This feature converts your phone into a hotspot device to connect other devices.

An unlimited plan may be a good choice if your employees want to use this feature.

Look at the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted lines. There is no need to opt for an unlimited plan if your current bill is lower than the cost of the unlimited plan. However, unlimited plans may come with other benefits as well.