Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an integral unit of the business that significantly contributes to its growth. Companies are now moving towards newer ways to strategize their promotional plans, including digital marketing strategies. It enables the business to build brand awareness and a superior brand image globally while bridging the communication gap between them and their buyers. What makes these tactics even more helpful is their promising return on investment.

One of the most effective ways to measure returns on digital marketing is through web-traffic analytics. An effective website takes a lot of thought, time, and money to develop into a user-friendly and exciting platform that converts. Marketers, such as the team at Due North in Australia, use several innovative approaches to increase and convert web traffic on their websites. It’s important to make your website not only eye-catching to make potential buyers visit again, but easy for visitors to convert into customers. Let’s have a look at some of the top digital marketing strategies that businesses use to increase their website traffic :

1. Guest Blogging

Blogging is an effective way to attract an audience to visit your website. There are plenty of online companies looking for guest bloggers to write for their websites. Your content creator has to write up a relevant, grammatically correct, and interesting article and then publish it as a guest on someone else’s blog site. By ensuring backlinks to your page, you have higher chances of generating website visits. Make sure to register for topics related to your product or service so that the readers eagerly click on the links to get to your site. It is an operative link-building strategy that can do wonders for your business’s ROI if appropriately aligned.

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of increasing the search ranking of a website to gain more organic traffic. SEO is a valuable and cost-effective digital marketing technique that lets you funnel and filter your audience to the right target. With specific words and phrases, you can direct better traffic to your site by allowing your content to appear on the top of the search results. These words and phrases are easy to generate with the help of online tools. Having your site ranked better will regulate more visits from your targeted audience, increasing website traffic.

3. Social Media

The incorporation of social media into your business’s marketing department has become more crucial than ever. Almost everyone worldwide has access to these platforms. It would be imprudent to let the opportunity of mass brand awareness go unattended. Hence, businesses of all sizes use social media sites to convert potential buyers into loyal customers. It’s also the best way to generate leads for your business and traffic for your website. Adding a link to your website in the profile bio or beneath a post you make on Instagram or Facebook lets viewers reach out to you with just a click. However, your posts and profile should be intriguing enough to grasp their attention. Another valuable benefit of this platform is that they allow you to bridge the communication gap between you and your customers effectively. By adding a few CTAs like “Learn More” or “Contact Us,” you will be able to redirect customers to your website, increasing your website traffic.

4. EBooks

One of the most valuable ways of informing potential customers about your product while staying subtle about promotion is using eBooks. They are easy to publish and easier to deliver, making them one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies. They don’t take long to compile. They are simply a combination of many different articles and blogs on the same topic. They only take a few days to publish, and then the public can easily access them. The eBooks contain hyperlinks and resources from your website. With a single click, customers are instantly direct to your website. Readers find it valuable to download eBooks and give their contact information in return. It enables businesses to generate leads and increase web traffic.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people on social media who have gotten many people to follow them with their innovative and creative content creation. Their purpose isn’t to do business through commerce. Their many followers preach what they learn from them and look up to them for a better lifestyle. Businesses take help from these influencers to market their product and divert their followers towards their websites. You could do it with a few quick and prompt strategies like PR packages, giveaways, sponsored content, collaboration, etc. Besides, influencers review and recommend companies on their social media, inspiring and encouraging their followers to give it a try. They add a link to your website under their posts or their stories and ask their followers to visit you. This way, they direct website traffic to your sites as a third party, making them more trustable in customers’ view.


Digital marketing has taken over the world. Businesses invest a lot of capital in stabilizing their digital marketing strategies to improve their sales and revenues. Incorporating some of these practical digital marketing strategies in their marketing plan will help them become a priority in the eyes of their market base. And also increase their chances to achieve market leadership.