IP phones for office on the store shelves

It is estimated that 41.6 million businesses subscribe to VoIP services in the US, according to Statista.

Why do so many businesses use a VoIP telephone system? Because they offer a number of multimedia options and features that improve the daily running of a business.

Check out how you can improve your businesses communication by implementing VoIP into your company.

What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the transmission of voice using the Internet Protocol, instead of using a traditional phone line.

Traditional telephone lines use the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), whilst VoIP uses the internet and data connectivity to transmit sound.

Learn more about how Voice over IP works.

5 VoIP Telephone System Features

Different VoIP providers offer different plans and features. Work out what your business needs and make sure you do your research into which VoIP providers offer what.

From phone system solutions to collaboration features, you’ll be sure to find many useful features of VoIP that can benefit your business.

1. HD Voice

Your customer’s matter, as such you need to make sure they have an enjoyable experience with your company. Having high-quality phone systems is one way of achieving this.

VoIP systems provide HD Voice, which ensures that your sound quality is great. Gone are the days where your calls are interrupted by bad connects and constantly repeating yourself.

VoIP features that improve your customer’s experience and enhance your businesses performance provide win-win scenarios.

2. Hands-Free Dialing

For ease of employee experience, VoIP comes with hands-free dialing options. Not only does this VoIP feature save time, but it also is more convenient.

Save your employees the time and the hassle of scrolling through extensive address books with the hands-free dialing feature. If you want to call someone who has emailed you, all you need to do is click on the button on the screen and it will call them for you.

Hands-free dialing is also great for setting up and using video conference calls.

3. Virtual Extension

Features of telephone systems don’t get much better than this one. The virtual extension will save you a lot of time.

Think of the virtual extension feature as a voicemail box which can have important messages going into it and also out.

If you find yourself always having to deal with general FAQs, you can put them in your virtual extension. Provide information for your customers such as your opening hours, how to get to your office or workplace, and any holiday closures.

Messages going in is a useful VoIP feature if, for example, you leave a message for an entire department detailing a meeting that they all need to attend.

The virtual extension also lets you make use of normal voicemail box features, such as email notifications, and the ability to check email from any computer.

4. 3-Way Calling

One of the most useful VoIP features has to be the ability to hold 3-way calls. Sometimes, VoIP providers allow you to hold calls with more than three people.

This feature is very easy to use and involves using your IP phone’s conference button to call the second party. The first caller is then put on hold, they need to press the conference button again and then they can rejoin the call. And voila, you can have a conference call.

Make sure you learn how to use the 3-way calling feature because that way you’ll know when all the lines are connected and when it goes back to just two people.

This feature is great for both employees to use and if an employee is on the phone with a customer and wants to add a manager to the call.

5. Distinctive Ring

Voice over IP phone services allows you to customize your ringtones so that your employees will know who is calling them without having to look at the caller ID.

All you have to do is set up this feature to each phone line and extension number and then you’re good to go!

An advantage of distinctive ringtones is that your employees will always know where the call is coming from. Another advantage is it could help work morale because it shows your employees that you care about them.

Voice over IP Phone Services Benefits

There are many benefits of VoIP, which is why many businesses favor this phone system.

Different VoIP providers offer a range of phone system features, but generally speaking, businesses can expect to reap these benefits:

  • VoIP is relatively cheap to set up and run. The set up is minimal and you don’t need an engineer to come into your office. It is also cheap to run because you receive a flat-rate monthly billing system. You are only ever charged for what you use.
  • VoIP is portable, so if you want to move offices or want to communicate with your employees or customers on the go then you can.
  • A lot of VoIP providers have short or no contracts, meaning you don’t have to stay with a provider if you don’t like what they offer.

Familiarize yourself with more benefits of VoIP phones and find out whether they are right for your business.

Improve Your Communication

Improving your businesses communication should always be a high priority, so make sure you do relevant research on the different VoIP telephone system features and offers that are available to you and your business.

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