Digital marketing

Email marketing is the most popular form of marketing having the potential to generate maximum revenue for the organization. Since few years increase in automated email campaign benefiting marketers in getting the right leads.

As per a Statistical report:

1)    91% of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with (MarketingSherpa)

2)    Email marketing is seen 40 times more productive when compared to the results, from both social media channels Facebook, and Twitter. (McKinsey)

There is a huge list of benefits which email marketing provides to its customers such as:

1)    Increases brand recognition: Email marketing helps in the promotion of your brand to an extensive audience. Thus while sending emails, you can make the name visible to the audience by including the catchy taglines, brand logo, graphics, and related color. The attractive brand element brings awareness about the product or services. So, make your brand an integral part of every mail sent to the customer.

2)    Connects with the target market:  Email marketing helps in connecting with your target audience. For example, if you want to contact medical professionals, then healthcare email list provides you the right platform to communicate with world-class professionals. Targeting the right audience is necessary as it attracts the best leads with higher chances of sales conversion. As a marketer, you have to understand your audience and think like them by tracing their buying behavior and trends so that you can generate quality leads for the business.

3)    Builds strong customer relationships: Email is the best way to make a strong customer relationship. The product launch at an event, your upcoming big event, the latest news about your business, festive offers and discounts all can be conveyed through email marketing. A regular communication process facilitates in building stronger customer relationships.

4)    Increases credibility: Small businesses can reap maximum benefits from email marketing as it requires less investment. They can improve their credibility with consistent email marketing. Staying connected with customers by providing relevant information about the products or services, at regular intervals is what they have to follow. The more they get to know about it, the more they start trusting the business.

5)    Loyalty towards the brand: Personalized email marketing helps in customizing your message to the different audience of various industrial sectors. As you communicate with the audience based on the email segmentation of interest, location and purchase behavior, it increases the chances of sales conversion. Customers feel that they are valued by the organization thus increasing their loyalty towards the brand.

6)    Cost effective: Email marketing proved the conception wrong “to earn money you have to spend money.” You can execute the email marketing process at a minimal budget.

Email marketing involves different steps such as planning, crafting, email deployment, and can effectively reach its target customer with a precise and professional approach. It also requires little effort when compared to other media channels.

The channel can generate better results if you invest a little more in the campaign process, but that is also less when compared to investments on other channels.

7)    Direct access: There is no other person involved when you are communicating through this channel. It’s just the communication between you and your customer, carried out authentically. Speaking directly to the customer helps in actively promoting your brand, thus making them closely connected and relatable with the brand.

8)    Stay relevant: Almost the majority of the audience have the habit of checking their emails daily after work hours. So, keeping them updated with the latest business information and offers increases the exposure of your brand. Email marketing is the best communication mode for staying in touch with your potential customer thus increasing the relevancy of your marketing process.

9)    Learn what works: Email marketing provides you the much-required metrics to see the performance of your email campaign thus helping you to market your services with a smarter approach.


Email marketing is a must to achieve success in business. As a marketer, you should be knowing that you are not alone in this race. Winning this race is by staying on top- of- the mind of your potential customer and by improving brand visibility. Email marketing convincingly helps you out in all these processes, at a minimal cost.