Are you trying to get a website but don’t know what website development company to choose from? Here are the top 5 companies that are currently available!

When starting up your e-commerce website, you have to create a site that your customers are attracted to. In this guide, we’ll explain the top five companies to help get your site created with the highest quality possible!


Blaze Dream

Blaze Dream is a website development company located in India that has regional offices in the US and UK. They have a wide range of solutions in business process management, digital marketing, and website development to help clients reach their business peaks. And, their experience in .NET development and PHP has brought value to a multitude of corporate companies.

For instance, Blaze Dream has worked with a Japanese manufacturing company that sells air conditioners. They successfully completed the project by creating a website from scratch. Their development team offers the best solutions by enhancing their interface.


Evince Technology

Evince is a mobile and web development company located in Chennai. They are skilled in mobile and web development, UI/UX designs, Internet Promotion, and more. This company has a group of in-house developers who are willing to help develop your online business on any platform.

Cognatic is a WordPress site that mixes user experience and a job search database. It’s integrated with APIs to show the database of your staffing solution.



Contus is a website development company founded in Chennai. They have varied services in making high-quality web experiences with high-quality UI/UX to create web applications. The company’s Full Stack Development skills have helped startups and business giants. Overall, they have great web design experience, and a strong marketing team to bring traffic to your website to expand your business’ revenue margins.


Zamoor – Online Jewelry Retailer

Zamoor is a jewelry chain store. The company worked with Contus in order to showcase their diamond collection. Contus created an effective solution that helped welcome new customers to their website.


FatBit Technologies

FatBit Technologies is a web development company that has over 12 years of experience. They create digital and e-commerce marketing solutions to their clients. With their performance, oriented designs have made a large impact on their client’s revenue. Since they are a custom website development company, their focus on web programming helps their clients create websites that have a multitude of interactive functionalities.


eSimplicity – Responsive Website

eSimplicity and FatBit Technologies worked together to create a responsive website. With their team of UI/UX developers, they created a web design that matches the eSimplicity’s business model.



Oxagile is a company that’s located in New York and has regional offices located in major countries. Their results provided top-notch services to their global clients. This company provides cutting-edge technology to help transform small businesses and startups into digital powers. Oxagile has over a decade of experience in creating B2C and B2B applications that focus on AdTechs and eLearning.


Cloud – Video Converter

Oxagile created a CMS solution that uses Mobile View Application and 360 content. It’s able to turn videos into multiple formats.



Basically, you have to find a company that will get your website running. This will help bring more traffic to your platform and help your website grow. In conclusion, speak to these companies to see which one works the best for you!