Throughout the 21st century, myriads of industries have been changing. Between tech companies growing more powerful and implementing artificial intelligence, to local businesses using social media to reach out to customers, much has changed in the past few decades. One entity that many businesses have been changing in recent years is becoming more environmentally-friendly. This is excellent, because as the threat of climate change becomes more of a reality, it is important to become greener as a society. One industry that has been making strides to become more green is air travel. 

Air travel can be harmful to the environment, so many airports throughout the world have been carrying out policies and programs to combat their carbon footprints. When booking a flight, thinking about how environmentally-friendly friendly the airport may not be the first thought you have, but as our world progresses further into the century, it certainly should be. Learning about the most environmentally-friendly airports in the USA is imperative when deciding on booking a trip.


Boston Logan International Airport

Throughout the United States, there are numerous airports that are going green, but one of the most conscious of its carbon footprint is Boston Logan International Airport. The airport is the world’s first airport to win a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation. Terminal A in Boston Logan International has roofing surfaces that are designed to reflect heat from the building, as well as low-flow bathroom fixtures that aid in reducing the amount of water the airport uses. Other green features include environmentally-friendly asphalt on runways and wind turbines which account for 3% of the airport’s energy.  


Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport is another immensely green airport within the United States. The airport contains the largest solar power farm at a commercial airport in the USA. This solar panel farm generates enough electricity to power 2500 homes and aids in keeping the airport greener. More than 200t of organic waste is composted every year at Denver International Airport, and there are numerous stations to refill water bottles throughout the terminals as well. 


Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is another environmentally-friendly airport within the USA. DFW airport uses a multitude of renewable sources of energy and has reduced its carbon footprint immensely in recent years. The airport is committed to sustainability, and has even implemented a DFW airport parking service that is green along with being convenient for passengers. 


Final Thoughts

Air travel is an incredibly interesting entity in the fight against climate change. Although air travel can be harmful to the environment, it would be impossible to stop it without negatively altering our world’s way of life, so it is imperative to ensure that airports utilize the greenest tactics possible in order to reduce the effects of climate change. Boston Logan International Airport, Denver International Airport, and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport are three of the most environmentally-friendly airports in the United States, and as the 21st century continues, their practices will become more of the norm throughout the Unites States as well as the rest of the world.