The U-part wig is as the name suggests. The wig has no lace compared to a lace front wig. It is designed to have a u-shape to the forehead. Your hair fills the u-shaped gap on the forehead to blend with the wig to create a natural hairline.

You can blend your hair with two types of wig materials: 100% Nadula Human Hair and synthetic hair. A U-part wig leaves you to grow back with less disturbance out of your scalp.

Difference Between U Part Wigs and Bob Wigs

Designs of the Wig Cap

The most significant difference between bob wigs and a U part wig is the top of these wigs. The U part wig comes in a left out U-shape opening to its front. It allows you to blend in your natural hair easily, giving you a natural look baby hairline. A lace front wig covers the scalp thoroughly, with some having a baby hairline. It also offers a natural-looking hairline for human hair texture.

Installation Position

A lace front wig is a position to cover the forehead. It has lace that covers the forehead, depending on your style. Some came in transparent lace, making a natural impression and rugged to notice it. AU part wig only leaves a third of your head uncovered. It pairs the rest of your hair, covering it entirely.

Install Time

U-part wigs are available in a designed cap, which makes it fast to place it. Most stylists use a clipping method to install. It is easier to put on and out by yourself. The lace front can be hectic to put on since most have a procedure of positioning. They use glue to stick to your scalp, therefore taking more time in place.

Access to your Hair

U-part wigs offer double protection toward underneath hair. The style helps growth with no disturbance giving your hair an easy time when recovering. However, the main difference between lace fronts and U-part wig is you have full access to your natural hair. It makes it easier to treat and also offers a natural look for an official appearance.

Why Should you go for a U Part Wig?

The majority of women prefer the U part wigs because:

They protect your hair. If you need to attend a meeting, U part wig will give you that official look allowing your hair to relax from pulling while combing. You also get access to clean and condition it with ease.

A U part wig plays a significant role in preventing hair loss. If your hair is weak to withstand sewing weaves and braids, the U part wig will work best for you preventing any hair loss crisis.

A transition to growing natural hair can work best with a U part wig. It gives you access to treat your hair and then cover it for any occasions. It maintains the natural looks where you can take it off when done with daily activities.

Benefits of Having Natural Lace Front Wigs or U Part Wig

Natural hair blends in well with human hair wigs. With proper clipping or gluing for front lace, the wig blends in with a natural look. The main factor to these appearances is the wig texture, where the human hair wig comes in handy.

Dying your wig into blonde or styling it into a bob wig can work correctly on lace front and U part wig human hair texture. Ladies have a variety of options for creating their preferred wig style. However, for an optimum result, you should choose a 100% pure plain color human hair.

You can design styles like wavy, curls, or straight wigs with different sizes. A U part wig offers you a natural sew in a weave look. A lace front wig helps you get thick and long hair at the least time.

Where can you Get a U Part Wig or a Bob Wig?

Are you wondering where to purchase 100% quality U part or lace front wigs? At Nadula Human Hair, we offer the best online sales for natural hair. Our hair is so healthy and natural, all going at competitive prices. You are guaranteed to create dyeing or styling with a 100% outcome and zero damages. Why wait to place your order today to enjoy fantastic offers.

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