Backless Dress

The first time the backless dress was introduced was in the 1920s. At that time, the concept of a backless dress was quite new and unique. It provoked nudity with its arrival. Furthermore, in the 1930s people tried to link a backless dress with sun tanning and it was considered as a form of exposing tans. The person who wears a backless dress was considered to be slim and smart to pull off the dress easily.

However, in 1937, an actress named Micheline Patton was filmed from behind for a fashion documentary.

Since then, backless dresses have gained popularity and many actresses have worn them for the sake of fashion.

About dress:

A backless dress is designed for women to exhibit the women’s back. Backless dresses are in high demand and the style is known very well due to its elegance. Moreover, these types of dresses are worn at parties or weddings, or other evening events.

Besides that, a backless dress can be in two forms, either tied up with the strings that reveal the entire back or a low cut that exposes half of the back of the wearer. The length of such dress varies as per the desire of the one who wears it. Meaning, it can be knee-length or floor-length. Not only this, but a backless dress can also be in the form of a swimsuit or top

Styles for wearing a backless dress

A backless dress can be worn in several different styles. The most common way of wearing this dress is a strap that goes around the neck to support the dress. This strap can be covered by the hairs of one who wears it. This gesture of covering the strap with hairs exhibits that nothing is holding or supporting the dress.

There are certain methods adopted to hold the dress up. A two spaghetti method is also adapted to hold the dress up to the shoulder along with the nude netting that sets the dress well from the front.

  • Halterneck

Halterneck is another form of a backless dress. Halter is the word driven from a germanic word which means to hold something. Halterneck is defined as a strap that starts from the front of the dress and revolves around the neck that leaves the upper back of the wearer uncovered. Usually, a swimsuit is of halterneck design where women want their entire back suntanned rather than those tan lines.

  • Halter top

A halter top is another style of a backless dress where the strap runs from the front side of the garment and goes around the neck. Another style of a halter top is a narrow strip that runs around the middle of the back and a narrow strap that goes around the neck of the wearer. Meaning, this type of backless dress is almost backless with minimal support.

  • Choli

Apart from that, choli is the style flaunted by Indian women. The choli is usually worn with a Ghaghra or sari. Choli also partially exposes the back with the help of a low cut or is supported by strings to fully expose the back. Moreover, an Indian actress Madhuri Dixit wore a backless dress in a song called Dhak Dhak. The backless dress in India got popular since then.

Concerns regarding a backless dress

Many women have concerns regarding the backless dress. Breast support is the issue that bothers them. But it is no longer an issue now because women go with the flow and go braless. Meaning, several bra styles support backless style dresses to a great extent. Moreover, these bra styles may be strapless bras, underwire bras, adhesive bras, and convertible style bras.


This article elaborates on a backless dress along with its several types. Moreover, at the beginning of the article, a backless dress is defined completely in terms of its look and its actual definition. A backless dress is a dress that is designed with a low cut or a strap that runs around the neck of the wearer. Besides that, some styles were also discussed regarding the backless dress. Some of those designs are choli and halterneck. In both cases, the back of the wearer is exposed to the fullest either to showcase the sun tan or do it for the sake of fashion.