In the earlier days, it was really a hectic process to maintain all the records with the specifications of the customers on daily basis. So, there was a need for improvement in this scenario to be a good support both to the salons as well as the customers. This gave rise To the POS system. This system is a great one in terms of the modern technologies and the evident blueprint it follows. So, this is the time to highlight some of the aspects of the best nail salon POS system and how much systematic it is to get a better output.


A nail salon is a place where services like the manicure, pedicure,and the other nail enhancements are done with special care. These salons offer a variety of services that are exclusively meant for the nail care. Some of these include the acrylics, wraps with the fiberglass. Besides, there are also services like the Nail Arts, waxing, eyelash extensions and body massages in some salons. But currently, some of the eminent Nail salons are using the POS system. So, to know the different aspects of POS service and how they are important, we need to know the actual definition.


POS is an acronym for the Point Of Sale. The mechanism that is followed here is the merchant needs to complete his transaction terms with the customer in some formal manner. So, the merchants often use this system to complete the transaction by the use of Pos hardware as well as the software and the final process continued till the payment. The cash registers are an outdated one in the modern days. A POS system is much more developed because it contains the content in the form of the data that is collected in the electronic equipment. The POS software is an essential one that helps in managing the transactions on a daily basis.

It is very useful for maintaining the management, the reporting of the labors, management of the customers and also recording the marketing standards.

Types- there are many types of the Pos system. Some of the eminent ones are as follows:

  • Restaurant POS systems
  • POS Systems for Bar
  • POS Systems for Retails
  • POS for small businesses
  • The POS system for the Salons and the Spa


The spas and the salons that are related to the beauty services require an online register in the form of the appointments, reminders, the detailed study of the customer databases, nail styling, functionality, management, scheduling the online employees and also many others.

This recorded pattern of details is also employed at other centers like the barber shops, the gyms,and the fitness clubs, the grooming of the pets and many other businesses. They are very effective in the form of controlling the perfect schedules. This can be a worth of the customer satisfaction as well.

So we already got an overview that how unique this idea can be to maintain the salons in a perfect way and be a beautiful experience for the customers as well.


There are a number of top companies that have been a very pleasant experience or the customers. Some of them are as follows:

  1. SalesVU-

This is often regarded to be a top salon system employing the POS system.The wellness management and the beauty services by their centers is incredible. The appointments of the clients are done in a much-organized manner. The appointments that are fixed are made life too easy forthisequipment. The workflow is a very easy one to be maintained. One may also get an access from the customers in the form of the guarantee from the customers. There is an option for nonrefundable deposit.

This method can be a great one for the customers to continuously remind them of the appointments. The employees are also reminded beforehand. The price of this system is only $25 to $150 per month. The software that is used is the iPad POS which is cloud bases and can be supported by Phone, email,and chat. It is super easy to be used on many platforms and is too handy as well. The products also have great features like the Multi- tender POS which includes payment of any category, split checks, customized receipts, and cash management system. The sale of the products is also based on the hours, volume and the weight. The customer care services are also well managed.

  1. Clover Mini-

This is a mini version of the POS services. This is an expert idea in the field of the camera that are customer facing in nature, there is a cash drawer and also a merchant keypad. This is quite affordable within just $200 to $400. There are service plans of two types that is the 2000 service plan and the Pro Service plan among which the user needs to make a choice. This is a cloud-based one which is very easy to use and has wonderful features like the interfaces, app markets. The reports can be also made in a well-mechanized manner.

  1. Mind-body

They offer a big suite in the form of small businesses, software and hardware with health and communities that focus on a well being of the person. The price of this scheme is only $75 per month. The schedules regarding the class and appointment can be fixed. There is a scope of the automated emails and texts. However, there are also Pro and accelerate and the ultimate pricing systems. The top features that are included here are scheduling, custom booking, calendar, CRM,and analytics. The customer care services are also great.


The Nail Salon POS has some of the exceptional features according to the ones using the services like getting the interfaces which are extremely simple. It is simple in the fashion of uploading all the services with the POS. the invoicing services like multi-location abilities as well as their further management are available.

There are few dark sides as well, they are totally confusing. Some of them do not even sell the hardware.


No matter what is the size of a company, every company wants to maintain a perfect record in order to make an easy assessment of the sales and the outputs, about the ways every step needs to be organized. Only when their criteria are fulfilled, the company can be a leading one. Keeping in mind all such aspects, the POS technology has been a popular one among many companies for maintaining a proper record.