How much do you rely on your eyes? If the answer is that you depend on them for lots of different things, then it’s no surprise that you want to keep your eyesight in the best possible shape. Included in that conversation with yourself, you may ask yourself what kind of technology can help you with this goal? Especially when it comes to your eyes, there are several specific things that you can look at.

How many of these following might apply to you? Technology has allowed for more advanced lenses inside of eyeglasses. If you’re a candidate, there is the potential for you to get LASIK surgery. On computers and mobile screens, there are ways to reduce eye strain because of the type of light that comes from the monitor. And, you can install apps that have timers to remind you to get away from activities that might be straining your eyes.

More Advanced Glasses

The latest technology has improved the eye health industry so that lenses are much better than they used to be. If you’ve ever seen the way that old movies or TV shows showcase coke bottle lenses, then you know the pain of people with bad eyesight in the past. Now technology has created high-density lenses that correct your vision just as much, but the lenses are much smaller and lighter.

LASIK Surgery

In the past, if your eyes got bad enough, you just had to accept that that was how you were going to view the world. Now, you can be a LASIK surgery candidate, and for a reasonable amount of money, the operation can fix your eyesight almost entirely in many cases. High-tech equipment will permanently burn the outer layer of your eye into a perfect sphere, and you can potentially go back to having 20/20 vision and also never have to wear glasses again.

Screens That Reduce Eyestrain

Because people spend so much time staring at computer screens, monitors, tablets, and other electronic devices, eyestrain is very common. New technology can alleviate some of that. In some cases, there are special coatings on glasses that reduce eyestrain. And then another option is that individual devices will allow you to turn down parts of the light spectrum that come from the display that are known to cause issues with your eyes over time.

Timers on Apps

In related technology, there are timers for everything these days. There are timers for how long you should be sitting before you should stand. There are timers for how long you should work out for maximum effectiveness. Along with this, you can buy and install timers that will tell you how often you should take eye breaks. This simple but effective method can save you a lot of pain and strain on your vision.