One of the hottest topics related to Android gadget this week on Android Circuit is the coming of New Galaxy X. It will be the latest ‘weapon’ used by Samsung to win the competition for folding screen phones. Actually, the discussion also included some other topics. They included Pixel 2 headphone jack, Nokia’s smartphones, and the coming of OnePlus handset from Nokia.

New Galaxy X Leaks: How’s The Competition Going

Samsung will come with the first folding smartphone, titled Galaxy X, despite lack of confirmation about the name. The phone will expectedly go on sale next year. However, some sources said that Samsung would not be alone. It will compete with its corporate nemesis, Apple, which is reportedly working on an LG line. The Apple’s folding smartphone will come with flexible OLED screens.

If LG folding smartphone were not successful to get attention, Apple would come with a new line of folding iPhone. The company is reportedly filing a patent for it under the title “Electronic Devices with Displays.” However, the category is not evident here. “Flexible display” can mean folding without seems or folding with a visible hinge.

However, New Galaxy X leaks showed that Samsung has its own advantages in competition. Some predicted that Apple’s version would not pay off until 2020. In the same period, Samsung has two years to make its potentially game changing gadget. The company has been on this project for years while Apple is about to begin. Furthermore, Samsung had introduced its first foldable OLED display in 2009’s CES.

New Galaxy X Leaks: What’s Inside

Apple has not provided much information about what will come with the New Galaxy X. People keep guessing and Apple seems to enjoy it. The following are some speculations about the upcoming folding smartphone:

• Samsung Galaxy X will be released in 2018. Some predicted that it would come in the second quarter. Some enthusiasts expected that Galaxy X would have a mentioned in the unveiling of Note 8 back in August 2017. However, it did not come to reality.

• It will possibly a smartphone/tablet hybrid

• Rumors said that it would come with 5-inch mobile screen or 7-inch tablet display. The screen size has been a hot debate topic among android enthusiasts. If it is a hybrid model, it may come with a 7-8-inch foldout screen

• The phone will come in limited release, namely about 100.000. Limitation will also apply for the marketing area. In total, there are nine territories to mention. They include the US, the UK, Poland, and South Korea – Samsung’s home. If it gains success, there will be a wider push.

• The New Galaxy X will feature 4K resolution screen. This seems to be an ambitious target, but in the future, 4K will be a gold standard for high-end phones.

For some enthusiasts, Samsung has actually shown some signals on what the smartphone will look like. Exactly last year, the company showed a smartphone prototype at SID Display Week 2016. A video showed that the phone was equipped with a 1080p OLED display, a pixel density of 386ppi, and an automated arm control. As they are fresh features, it is very likely that Samsung will apply them in an upcoming product.

Galaxy S9 Leaks: What’s Interesting?

Another upcoming smartphone line from Samsung is Galaxy S9. According to Galaxy S9 leaks, the phone will come with new finger print technology, namely under-screen fingerprint reader. Actually, the rumor about this technology had been around for iPhone X. However, Apple has not successfully applied it, thanks to some production difficulties.

Samsung seems to be luckier, since the upcoming Galaxy S9 may ship with this feature. If so, the users will be able to unlock the phone in a much easier way. Just place your finger on the screen, and the phone will unlock. In addition, some signals indicate the coming of S9. For instance:

• The company revealed a new S handset in Mach last year. Announcement of the handset may be just before MWC in February 2018.

• In September 2017, Samsung was reported to have begun the development of two upcoming Samsung models. They can be Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The leak came from Sammobile blog

• The firmware names are reportedly G960FXXU0AQI5 and G965FXXU0AQI5. Samsung enthusiasts have begun guessing the model numbers of the upcoming Samsung phones. They can be SM-G960 for Galaxy S9 and SM-G965 for Galaxy S9+.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaks: What’s Inside

Actually, very few specifications are yet known from the Galaxy S9 leaks. It seems that Samsung keeps letting its enthusiasts guessing on how the phone will look like and work. The following are few leaks:

• Upcoming Snapdragon 845 chip from Qualcomm. If this is true, that Samsung will be the first to use the chip, even earlier than its Android rivals will.

• Curved display. This was based upon an article posted in April this year that Samsung was working on a new lamination process. ETNews reported that the lamination process would curve the phone screens in all four edges. Actually, the technology will be around at the end of 2017. It means that Samsung will be the first to apply the technology.

• Familiar sizes. Many enthusiasts predict that Samsung will apply a familiar sizing policy. This allows the owners of the previous models to use the same case. An online source reported that Samsung had been collaborating with suppliers for two sizes of display, namely 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch edge-to-edge display.

• In-screen fingerprint sensor. This feature may be available in the next models. This is attributable to many complaints related to placement of fingerprint sensor in the current models. Placing the scanner next to the rear camera sounds awkward for many users.

• Samsung will stick with 4GB of RAM, instead of using the newest 6GB.

Actually, little information is available in the New Galaxy X and Galaxy S9 Leaks about the expected price. Current projections are AUS$1200 for the S9, which is not too significantly different from that of its predecessor. In addition, the phone is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018.