Samsung had launched its high selling Smartphone, Galaxy Note 7 in August. The phone got a lot of praises during the initial days but the rosy start turned out to be pretty sour later. The problem rose to a level that Samsung has to recall all the sold out devices within a month. The main reason behind the recall was the faulty batteries which didn’t really work with the device. The batteries had the problem of overheating, which lead to explosion and damage of the entire device. By the end of October, the makers had to recall about 2 million Galaxy Note 7 devices and discontinue the product eventually. The recall will cost Samsung a huge amount.

Recall of Galaxy Note 7

Having identified the faults and issues with the note 7, a report was released by the makers. In the report, company detailed the flaws in the design of battery and the defects in the manufacturing. These were the main reasons that caused the crisis and made Samsung lose about 5.3 billion. Recalling of a product has never been considered an easy thing, especially if the product is sold out at large scale and for big price value. The more challenging thing is the yielding returns that were around 30 per cent. As per the reports in media, Samsung had aggressively informed the customers about 100% recall of galaxy note 7, and within 3 months the company reached about 96 per cent return. It was also called as one of the first digital recall where the company had sent text messages and emails to communicate with all the galaxy note 7 buyers and inform them about the need of recall.

What happened after Note 7 was recalled?

After the Note 7 was returned by the buyers, the makers worked on to identify the faults and the solutions. The company not only worked to identify the faulty factors, but also improved quality of other features. The volume of device was also improved and the speed was also modified to make the device operate better. Samsung worked with telecom carries to make the device more efficient and issue a software update. The makers did all possible things to eliminate the chagrining abilities and other possible faults that rendered it useless as a phone.

There was also a time when galaxy Note 7 was banned by the department of transportation and the Note 7 owners were not allowed to take the device inside the air planes. So, the makers decided to work a step ahead and they sent away employees to the airport. The Samsung employees went there and help consumers by collecting their phone. This proves that technology and innovation is important for Samsung, but above that comes the safety of their valued customers.

Samsung has put all its effort to find the root cause behind the failure of their most advanced Smartphone. They informed to the world that the investigation and researches were being made. They wanted to reinstate trust in their brand and not lose their customer base.

How the root cause of Note 7 failure was identified?

In order to find out all possible flaws and defects in the device, Samsung not only initiated a new research but also set up a new test lab. The new lab has been staffed with 700 researches and also barged in 200,000 galaxy Note 7 and it’s batteries to replicate the cause of fires in the phone. Samsung tested the whole device. All suspected and affected areas were thoroughly examined and were inspected under different circumstances. They inspected both wired and wire charging to find the fault and also checked for water resistance.

Water resistance property was examined with cover and without any cover as well. Apart from these main features, all other secondary features were also tested, which included USB Charging and IRIS scanning as well. The makers evaluated the software, algorithms, and also checked how third party applications were having impact on the phone. Every kind of tests was conducted that included the UL, exponent and The TUVRheinland as well.

Samsung’s new Quality assurance process

The Galaxy Note 7 might not have exceeded the expectations of Samsung buyers, and failed to compete with iPhone 7. But the makers have learnt a lesson after the recall of Note 7. They have included a compulsive process to ensure quality. It has got a new quality assurance process that will strictly be followed by both Samsung and its component manufacturers. All Samsung devices will now have different tests to make sure that the product has been prepared enough to get launched in the market. There will be durability test, visual inspection, X-ray test, disassembling test, and several more inspections to make the Samsung devices safe, secure and reliable.