Ever since Australian television writer and producer Rhonda Byrne authored the best-selling book, The Secret, the cat has been out of the bag. The Secret the book led to The Secret the film, and as a result, the general consciousness has blossomed as a direct result of this idea whose time has come. In truth, it is an idea whose time it has always been, at least for the fortunate few with eyes with which to see. People do have the ability to bring about the objects of their desire, using nothing more than state and emotional management and their imaginations. Today, the small river of awareness brought about by The Secret has become a torrent, and this is how you can become part of it.

Visualize What It Is That You Want

When you know what you want, and can state it specifically in words, begin to visualize what it is that you want at every opportunity. Speak of it, think about it positively, write affirmations and stories about having it, and meditate as much as possible on the feeling of receiving what it is you desire. Use tools, be they a written wish list, a photo collage scrapbook or, for the more sophisticated visualizer, a moodboard maker, to help you further feel and develop your sense of already experiencing the thing you desire.

Work and Wait

Be willing to work and wait while you keep your eye on the prize. As soon as you find you consistently feel the feeling of having whatever it is you desire, you’ll find working to that end joy and a pleasure. You’re vibrating to a higher frequency at this point, one worth maintaining. Find the joy in the work that you do and soon you will find the joy for which you hope. Whether you seek world peace, friendship or a romantic relationship, or something tangible, such as a new home or car, be willing to make the next obvious moves in that direction while maintaining a sense of hope, optimism, and anticipated possession of that which you desire.

Watch for It and Say Thank You When It Comes

It is important to stay alert and on the lookout for signs that indicate what you desire is on its way to you. There comes a sense of wonder, such as a child might feel on the eve of Christmas. As the reward becomes clear to you, it is important that you recognize its arrival as it begins to happen. Make a special effort to feel appreciative of these gifts. You can begin this process by being grateful for what you already have. You may seek to manifest money or simply wish to be more open to abundance in general in all its myriad forms.

The eyes that see are conscious eyes, and they represent a type of spiritual, inner vision. There is an aspect of readiness involved, as well as willingness. People must be ready and willing to see beyond what meets their physical eye if they are to learn to manifest their dreams. Follow the steps provided here and soon you, too, will see what was once just an idea lovingly placed into the fertile soil of your imagination become your own, unique reality.