The existence of the smart phone product by Xiaomi named Mi Note 3 is completely interesting to be known. Many people are interested in knowing much about this product since it is said as the jumbo size of Mi 6. Of course, the product of Xiaomi Mi 6 has been popular for a long time and it still becomes one of the favourite choices among people. The existence of the products of smart phones by Xiaomi is not new anymore and from its beginning products, there are so many people who are getting so attracted and want to know much more about their smart phone which is said to be really unique with its great performance. It makes this brand to be completely well known till now. Then, the existence of the gadgets by Xiaomi becomes really interesting to be known and discussed. Even though this brand is from China, it offers the great quality and also the great features.

Recently, the new product of Xiaomi smartphone is already launched. As mentioned above, it is called as Mi Note 3. The launch of this new MiNote by Xiaomi is together with the launch of Mi Mix 2 which is also really booming especially among people who are waiting for the new yet recent product from Xiaomi. Of course, if you are also waiting for the new products, you may also need to know about their Mi Note 3. That is the next generation for the Mi Note after its previous generations which are Mi Note and Mi Note 2. Mi Note 2 was launched last year, which is in October. If you are always interested in a jumbo smart phone, Mi Note can be your option to choose. Thus, getting to know much more about this new product is a good idea.

Mi Note 3 Launching

As mentioned above, the product of Xiaomi Mi Note 3 has been launched together with the launch of Mi Mix 2. The launching event was held on September 11, 2017 at Beijing University of technology. In that event, there are thousands people who attended this event. That is including from the Mi Fans and also from the journalist.

Mi Note 3 Specs and Performance

The specs and performance of Mi Note 3 of course become something which we want to know first as our consideration. This Xiaomi phone has the big screen size which is about 5.5”. Of course it is much bigger compared to the Mi 6. However, if we talk about the specs that may be a bit lower than the Mi 6. The Mi Note 3 has the Snapdragon 660 as its chipset with 6 GB RAM. Then, the internal storage capacities are available in two different options. They are the 128 GB and also 64 GB. You can choose the higher one, which is the Xiaomi 128 GB Mi Note 3 if you are looking for the larger storage memory. Then the Xiaomi 64 GB Mi Note 3 is also a good choice if you do not need much space for storage. However, you need to know as well that this product does not have any memory card slot for the additional memory. This phone has the great capacity of battery which is about 3500 mAh which is non-removable.

If you love taking photos using your mobile phone, of course you really care about the spec of the phone camera. This Mi Note 3 has the dual cameras. They are 12 megapixel telephoto camera and also 12Megapixel normal camera for its main rear cameras. In addition, there is also a 16 MP for the front camera. For the security system feature, this smart phone has the feature of facial recognitions. Of course this security system is said to be really simple and would not take much time than using the finger print security system. That is because the users only need to face the camera in front of the face.

Mi Note 3 Design

The design of Mi Note 3 is completely interesting with its modern yet elegant style. The body of this smart phone uses the aluminium alloy which result the sleek yet elegant look. The design of this Xiaomi smart phone is not really different from the design of Xiaomi Mi 6 but of course this device is much bigger. If you love Mi 6 but you need the larger size phone, this device can be the right answer for you. That is the reason why the device of Mi Note 3 is said to be the jumbo size of Xiaomi Mi 6 and of course it is really reasonable.