Around the world, crime levels increase dramatically at this time of year. Maybe it’s because criminals also want to buy nice Christmas presents for their friends and family. Or because their unsuspecting victims are in holiday mode and their guard is down. Honestly, nobody knows why criminals operate the way they do.

Because of this, it is extra important to remain vigilant during the festive season. There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way criminals operate, but it’s also changed the way we can keep ourselves safe. Here’s how you can protect yourself, both online and in the real world, this festive season.

From home security cameras to password protection software, use these tips to help keep you safe while you enjoy the festive season.

Keeping Your Home Safe

The home security arena is an innovative one. It seems like new crime-fighting technology is being introduced on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can keep your home safe, not just for the festive season but for the whole year.

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are one of the best ways to survey what is happening outside your home. A home security camera is not only excellent at deterring criminals, but they can help in catching them. External security concerns aside, security cameras can also help monitor what’s happening inside your home.

Depending on the type of home security camera system you opt for, this solution can sometimes be a pricey one. Some manufacturers of home security cameras offer a dummy camera as a solution to the budget issue. Dummy cameras are authentically branded and even feature the flashing LED light, which is a great temporary deterrent.

Sensor Activated Alarm Systems

A sensor activated alarm system is the best way to make sure that, if someone attempts to break in to your home, you know about it AND they know you know. Most sensors are installed on the entry points of your home, being the doors and windows. When this sensor is triggered, the alarm system is activated.

Instead of silent alarms, it’s recommended that you opt for a loud, siren-like alarm tone. This not only makes the criminal aware that the authorities are on their way, but it also alerts your neighbours as to what is going on and they can arm themselves too.

Digital Home Safe

Sometimes, a criminal will manage to get in your home. As unpleasant a thought as this may be, it’s unfortunately an unavoidable truth. Make sure that if this happens to you, your valuable belongings are stored safely away. A digital home safe is one of the best ways to ensure that your valuables remain, well, safe!

Digital safes could have a biometric fingerprint scanner or a password-activated keypad as the means of security. On top of keeping your valuables safe from burglars, a digital home safe will also protect your belongings in the event of a flood or fire.

Staying Safe Online

These days, it’s not only your home that you need to protect. As incredible as the digital world we live in is, it also comes with its own set of risks. In some ways it’s more difficult to protect your online life than it is your physical life.

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe online:

  • Frequently change your passwords and NEVER use the same password for different accounts. Also avoid using generic passwords that are easy for you to remember, because they’re just as easy for cyber criminals to guess.
  • Set up two-form authentication on accounts that contain sensitive information. Two-form authentication is an added layer of security that also alerts you when someone else is trying to access your account.
  • If you’re doing your Christmas shopping online, make sure to only buy from trusted online retailers. There’s nothing a cyber criminal would love to get their hands on more than your credit card information. Keep your eyes peeled for a padlock icon and an https address.
  • Ensure that your current internet browser is up to date and set to medium-high privacy settings.
  • Always log out of your accounts properly and clear your history to alleviate the risk of your passwords being temporarily stored online.
  • Consider installing a VPN to make sure online hackers cannot pinpoint your location, the location of your home or the location of your family.
  • Avoid using ‘tap to pay’ If a cyber criminal is a meter away from you, not only is your money at stake, but so is all the information contained on your smartphone.

Final Thoughts

As crafty as the modern-day criminal is, developers of security technology are working tirelessly to combat their efforts.

Do you have any of your own security tips that can be applied to an online or real-world setting? Share them with us in the comments section below. After all, ‘tis the season for giving—not taking.