home design
Image by giovanni gargiulo from Pixabay

The answer to the question on the title is, ‘Yes’.

Designing a home is not an easy task. Especially when you think of assigning the proper details. For example, everyone can build a home that has one or two rooms. You will see that sometimes, non-technical persons are also designing homes by hand sketching the layout.

You will see that the birds are building their own homes. Humans also like to build a home often they call it home, sweet home. When you pay attention to the smallest details of your home, it will be very difficult to check whether everything is perfectly built.

Using an online software tool can help you to understand what are you missing off. For example, you got a blueprint of your home and a vent hole is missing. If you build the same blueprint in online home design software you can check which details are missing within no matter of time.

Previously designers and architects used 3D CAD software for designing a home or a room. But technology has gone far away than we thought and now we can design a home using online tools like roomtodo. Free online home design software are better than PC software for many reasons including-

  1. Online software need not be installed on a PC. Therefore it is much easier to use. The user can start working within no matter of time.
  2. Online software can be used right from the browser. It saves space on the PC and as a result, helps to operate the PC faster.
  3. Most of the online software is cloud computing based. The best part of this, there is no risk of losing the design or drawing as the design or drawing will be saved in real-time on the cloud.
  4. Online home design CAD software offers more versatility in design than traditional PC CAD software. Online CAD software has more built-in library features than traditional CAD software.

How to design a home online for free?

As the world is getting online, architects and designers are using online tools more often than before. There are many online tools that can help you to design your home but most of them are not user-friendly. This is because by nature designing a home requires a ton of features and amenities. To add all the amenities it requires a huge library and a lot of features in the software, which make it difficult to arrange for the end-users.

Moreover, the conversion between 2D design to 3D design is very difficult in some software. 2D home layouts are often missing a lot of details and as building the 3D is difficult, a half-life home design comes out which leaves many faults in construction.

I will recommend something different!!

To solve the problems mentioned above an online cloud-based software named roomtodo is a perfect match. By using roomtodo anyone can design a beautiful home within hours. The reason for suggesting roomtodo can be summarized as follows-

  1. Roomtodo is extremely easy to use. It is so easy that, if you know how to use your computer’s mouse you can design a beautiful home. There are cases like school-going children designed a beautiful home.
  2. No skills? Not a matter to worry about. Roomtodo is so designed that you would not require any previous skills to design a home. The drag and drop feature of the roomtodo will help you design a home.
  3. One of the most important reasons for suggesting roomtodo is, it is free to use. You need not spend any money for creating your designs and exporting them.
  4. One of the biggest advantages of roomtodo is its built-in library. It has a library for different types of rooms. For example, roomtodo has a library for dining room, drawing room, bed room, kitchen and toilet. All are separate. This means you need not find them separately. Moreover, there are libraries based on specific types. For example, you can find all kinds of electrical appliances in the electrical appliances menu, all furniture in the furniture menu, etc. If you use the built-in library, then the tasks are super easy. For example,  you need not make a sofa by yourself, it is already in the library, just use it whenever requires.
  5. For interior design, there is a specific  ‘Decor’ menu, Using the decor menu you can decorate any specific part of your home or the full home. For example, you can place a plant in the corner or place a painting on the wall or place a flower vase.
  6. You have the option to change the color of your walls, select the specific type of flooring, cut the wall for a window or door, place the electrical appliances or lighting appliances in different positions and so on.
  7. Converting from a 2D layout to a 3D print-ready design is just a matter of a click in roomtodo. On the left pane in the browser window, you will find the 3D option. Just a single click will convert the 2D layout to a 3D design within seconds.
  8. The camera setting will allow you to check your final design from different angles. By setting the camera in different positions you have the option to check your design from different perspectives.

Before starting building your design, I would recommend a few things.  Please make sure you know the details of the home you want to build. Detail includes length, width, and height of the rooms and building. Moreover, having a hand sketch will allow you to design more smoothly in roomtodo. First of all, prepare a hand sketch and then work on that to define the dimensions and other parameters in roomtodo. This will make your work easier and fine work will be done within hours in roomtodo.