All the android lovers will be glad to know that there are just two more weeks left for the unveiling of the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ whereas the apple fans have to wait a little longer to get the latest iphone 8. After the last year’s Galaxy Note7 exploding scandal, now all the eyes are set on the release of the company’s next invention that is supposed to be reaching the public by the end of March 2017.

People have high expectations regarding the Smartphone’s features as well as their own safety too. A lot of rumors about the latest features of the Smartphone have been published and spread across the globe. People are really generous and eagerly want to know the true features of their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Here are 8 hottest new updated features that are expected to be on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+:

1. The Design That Matters

The Samsung galaxy S8 and the S8+ models are expected to boast the most elegant and unquestionably stunning design that has come to the market so far. You are going to miss out the home button and the bezels will be thinner on both above and lower sections of the Smartphone.

2. Big Display Size without Bezels

The Smartphone is settled on to have a dual-edge curve display without the bezels. An early report by the company declared that the screen-to-body is proportionate at 90 percent. The pictures of the latest Smartphone reveal that the phone takes up the total space, leaving bezel just at the top and bottom. In the promotional video by Samsung about the features of the Smartphone, it can be understood that the bezels are quite thin on the sides as the display takes up all the space of the front panel.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8 with Iris Scanner

The Smartphone is expected to feature an iris scanner. It will help the users to lock and unlock the Smartphones just by staring at it. This feature was seen earlier on the last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note7. So there is nothing new to get surprised, though!

4. No Home Button for Samsung Galaxy S8

This time the company has decided to ditch the home button for its upcoming Smartphone and have an all-display front type. The capsule shaped button will be ditched that was found on the bottom of every Samsung Smartphone. A recent picture leak helped people to conclude that there are no home buttons on the latest Smartphone; the image didn’t either show any other on-screen buttons.

5. The Fingerprint Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S8

All the previous Smartphones of Samsung had an integrated fingerprint sensor under the home button, but as this time there will be no home button on the Smartphone, the fingerprint sensor can be on the back side of the phone. This news was understood by the leaked official Samsung phone cases for the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+.

6. The Super High 4K Display Resolution

The Smartphone is expected to go ultra-high-definition for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 with a 4K resolution of 3, 840×2, 160 that will be much more than the current resolution of Samsung S7. It is reported that the Smartphone is loaded with 2960×2400 pixels on both the handsets of Galaxy S8.

7. Both the Handsets Might Get Double Dose of Curves

A splendid device with loaded tools will be put on the edge displays. Dual curved screens are significant for all; Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to make enough curved screens for all its global handsets.

8. The 5.8-Inch and 6.2-Inch Display Screens

It can be assumed from the latest promotional video featuring the Samsung Galaxy S8 that the company will be able to launch a 5.8-inch screen display into the Galaxy S8 and a 6.2-inch display screen on the S8+. This time the screen sizes are bigger than the Samsung Note 7 that was with the screen size of 5.7-inch.

9. Two Upgraded Rear Cameras

There are reports that say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be updated with two cameras on the back same as the iPhone 7 plus, LG V20, and Huawei’s P9. This time Samsung is working really hard to make the selfies much better than before, the front-facing camera can bring the auto-focus into the Galaxy S8 of a different technology that is present in the main camera.

10. The Qualcomm Processor

It has been rumored that Samsung S8 phones will be the first to be launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip; this chip assures faster speed and good battery savings and better graphics than the previous 820 and 821.

11. Better Battery Life Than Before

This time report suggests that Samsung Company can step away from the companies that made batteries of Note 7. Instead, use the Japanese manufacturer named Murata manufacturing. The batteries are supposed to be of 3,250mAh for the S8 and 3,750mAh for the S8+.


After reading all the exciting features that you can see in the new Samsung Galaxy S8, anyone will get anxious and wait eagerly for the Smartphone. If the company actually features all the things in their latest Smartphone that are listed above, then there is going to be a huge rush of customers at the stores of Samsung for sure!