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Every year is a new beginning in business, and your marketing efforts will always need a refresher.  Technology lays the foundation for the most effective marketing strategies today, and technology is a constantly changing platform.  

Each new year means that you need to augment, update, and refine your digital marketing strategies.  Before you start on a new finance and accounting strategy, consider what you can do with the marketing pieces you already have in place.  

Check out a quick briefing on some of the most important aspects to consider when updating your marketing efforts for the new year.  

Diversify your marketing efforts

Try to hit as many different digital outlets as possible when scattering your digital marketing efforts across the web.  Don’t just scatter your efforts at random though.  

Isolate the most impactful subchannels for your target audience, and cut through the noise of excess advertising competition.  Hit up YouTube channels and social media groups which fall into the realm of your industry. Take time to collaborate with creative experts like Freeman to help you with your event marketing needs.

Invest in paid social marketing

Becoming a champion on social media is not a matter of investing in Facebook ads.  Nearly 90 percent of all social marketers use this outlet, so you’ll be one among the thousands.  

Try expanding your reach to Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and these platforms have now jumped aboard the paid marketing train.  You won’t be the first, but you may have a better chance of diversifying your platforms.  

Focus on boosting your existing content

You likely understand that producing more content gives you a better chance to reach users online, but why not investigate what you can do to revive existing content.  

Updating your old content with new information and new research will take less time and function just as well.  You may also choose to consider turning your collection of blog posts into an informative ebook. 

Treat your brand advocates with care

Consumers often make purchasing decisions based on a positive word from a friend, family member, or acquaintance.  Utilizing your current customer base to drive new conversions for your business is a wise marketing strategy.  

The consumers who already love your brand deserve incentive to continue being such a great consumer.  Create special offers for referrals, and adding a boost for the new customer adds icing to the cake.  

Always look to better the user experience

You may have a set of excellent content to share with the world, but you won’t get far with that marketing strategy if you can’t create a great user experience.  Make a regular effort to enhance the user experience, and keep users engaged in your online efforts. Mobile optimization of your content should be a priority.