After launching the modular device this year, the G5, the South Korean electronics company LG will be launching its G6 Smartphone with the Google voice assistant by next month, as reported by the media.

According to a report from CNET, LG G6 will be the first Smartphone that will be outside the box of Google’s own pixel range with Google Assistant. This will give the users all the usual voice commanding functionality that is expected from a digital assistant which will also access to Google’s Chatbot-style interface.

It is interesting to know that although these voice interfaces have been available in the Smartphones for a while now, they have recently been associated with the pitch for high-end devices. Samsung S8 is said to have a beefed-up virtual assistant which will incorporate tech from its profit of Viv labs.

Google assistant will be very helpful for the LG electronics while all the other technology firms are introducing their voice assistant service. “The difficult task for the LG electronics is whether the service will be able to recognize the Korean language or not,” was quoted as saying by a source.

An LG official was reported saying that, “the company cannot verify the speculation at the present,” and Google has declined to comment on the matter too at the moment.

The Smartphone will be equipped with “heat pipes” for the better cooling as to strengthen the safety of the product. The tech lowers the temperature of the processor by about 8-10 percent by breaking up the heat and helping it to prevent reaching the battery cell of the Smartphone.

CNET reports that LG intends to use Amazon’s Alexa as the assistant in the G6. It would not have been the first Smartphone with Alexa, it was Huawei’s Mate 9 though, and the Amazon’s digital assistant appear in everything from lamps to fridges to alarm clocks at the CES.

The G6 Smartphone is waterproof, it sports a 5.7-inch display, and it has a premium glass and metal design that includes a headphone jack. It is also expected to see the return of the G5’s dual camera and center-mounted sensor fingerprint on the front, but there is no modularity that distinguishes the LG’s 2016 flagship. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as given by the Korean OEM’s close relationship to the giant mountain view-based search. LG was in charge of both Nexus 5X and 5 productions, the working on a pair of Nexus-like Android now wear 2.0 smart watches.

According to the local press in Korea, the LG G6 will be seen featuring Google Assistant integration out of the box as a “good” attempt to turn around a sluggish Smartphone business.

Google technologies will have to be applying to the oft-rumored LG watch sport and watch style, though it may also want to leave an open door for the collaboration with Amazon. Alexa is currently powering a number of large experimental LG products that will include webOS fridge and Hub Robot.