. Cooking will certainly be more fun and enjoyable. Using a good knife will always make your job in the kitchen easier and more comfortable. If you love cooking, you definitely have that one knife that becomes your most trusted friend in the kitchen. But after a while, the knife definitely will lose its sharpness and it is the right time for you to sharpen it.

Back in the days, you have to use the sharpening stone. But now, sharpening knife can be done more easily and safely by using cutting electric knife sharpener. So, there is really no reason to let your knife stay dull. Here are some other reasons why you always have to keep your knife sharp.

Better Quality of Ingredient

Do you know that sharp knife can result in better ingredient quality? When you use a dull knife to cut vegetable, you will see some part left on the cutting board because the knife needs extra effort to cut the vegetable completely. It will be such a waste of ingredient, not to mention that the ingredient also will lose some of its nutrients. Furthermore, if you need to ensure the good appearance of the ingredients, for example when you cut fish for sashimi, using the sharp knife will definitely ensure more precise and better result.

Faster Prep Time

Cooking, no matter how fun it is, can still make you tired. If you are busy, you also have to finish cooking as soon as possible. Unfortunately, a dull knife will prolong the prep time since you need so many efforts to chop down the ingredients. Time is money and there is nothing good will come from hungry stomachs. So, make sure to make your cooking time more efficient by using a beautifully sharpened knife.

Fewer Accidents in the Kitchen

Many people think that sharp knife is more dangerous compared to a dull knife. But the truth is, it has been proven that dull knife is actually the culprit behind the most kitchen accidents. When you are using a sharp knife, you will be more focus on the ingredient in front of you since it allows you to move fast. As a result, you will be more careful and can avoid an accident.

On the contrary, the dull knife will force you to make bigger and unexpected movements. This is what actually causing accidents in the kitchen. In addition, a dull knife is also more slippery than the sharp one. It is definitely can be a disaster if you lose control of the knife when you are preparing the ingredients.

More Enjoyable Cooking Time

Cooking should be enjoyable. It is not supposed to be a battle between you and ingredients that are refused to be chopped down. This is why sharpening your dull knife is important. You can make prettier food with even cooking time since it is easy to measure and cut the ingredients into same shape and size.

Furthermore, you also can save your energy. You can cut the ingredient perfectly with just one or two moves without putting too much burden on your hand