Ever used the Windows 8 operating system? Well, if you haven’t used it, it’s time to take advantage of this operating system that brings enhancement in performance. If you are purchasing a new PC or you are upgrading the one you have been using, there are undeniable reasons why you should accept Windows 8. Even though changing to a new system can mean retraining your workforce, once they get used to this operating system, the benefits are undeniable.

Sometimes businesses think that the process is time-consuming or just don’t feel the importance to do so but the process is easy, you will need only your Windows 8 activator and a working PC or tablet and you are good to enjoy the benefits that come with this great operating system.

It is true that there are factors that may make businesses and individual become reluctant when it comes to upgrading to Windows 8 such as working with a PC with outdated specs or PCs with less than 1GHZ processor or a RAM of 1GB. These are factors that may make it difficult to upgrade but if you have a PC with perfect specs you should consider changing to Windows 8.

In here, you will get reasons why it is time to upgrade to Windows 8. After reading the reasons below, I am sure you will have no reason to continue being reluctant.

Read with me!

  1. Quick boot time

In my own experience, I tried to experiment with Windows 7 and Windows 8, so I decided to use the same computer to try and find out which is faster. When I used Windows 7, the boot time was slow, but when I used Windows 8, it started up faster in fact, twice the speed of the Windows 7 operating system.

Note that even second counts so waiting for more than 5 minutes to access the login screen is a lot of time wasted. This is the reason why businesses need this operating system. It speeds up operations and saves time.

Having a system that offers fast boot time means your employees will do more when they report to work in the morning. A slow system is boring and frustrating and can negatively impact on the employees’ performance.

  1. Improved security

One of the popular concerns for every user in today’s technology world is security. Businesses, as well as individuals, are finding ways to protect their information from being eaten by viruses and malware. I am sure you also don’t want to get your PC files and folders eaten away by viruses.

Windows 8 brings improved security features such as the Secure Boot feature that permits only programs that are authorized to startup when you power on your PC. This is an incredible way to combat malware that may sneak on your PC during your Windows startup.

Another amazing feature that comes with this operating system is the antimalware capabilities of Microsoft Security Essentials. This makes Windows 8 the best OS when it comes to safeguarding your data against malware and antiviruses.

  1. Touch screen interface

When you use Windows 8 on a tablet, the touchscreen capability makes your activities on this operating system exciting. You just need to swipe with your thumbs which make your tablet easy to use as you will just handle it by the sides.

  1. The task manager

While all the versions of the operating system have the Task Manager, Windows 8 brings a unique Task Manager that is easier to use. The new Task Manager is more elegant, displaying information in a visually attractive manner.

The tabs that have been on the Task Manager such as “Processes and Performance have been revamped in Windows 8 to incorporate more in-depth details such as the ability to make users check the resources that are in use for each individual tab.

The new Startup tab that gives you an opportunity to see and manage apps that load automatically when you startup Windows.

  1. SkyDrive addition

Microsoft’s cloud solution has been helpful. You can back up and retrieve data and information to an online storage that is accessible from Web programs or apps that execute on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. However, with Windows 8, SkyDrive is handy to any app that wants to access it as if it is a local storage.


Not that you have seen what Windows 8 has for you in store, it’s your time to upgrade to this operating system. Enjoy a fast startup and great security features and avoid the headaches of fighting sneaking viruses during Windows startup.