It’s 2018 and everyone and everything is on social media these days. Businesses, companies, brands, people; social media connects pretty much everyone together things together.

More people are joining social media platforms on the daily and have started using them regularly and efficiently; the industry is booming like never before.

With the growth of social media, businesses need to properly use their social media channels in the best ways possible. Businesses do thousands of things to gain more followers online, some buy real Instagram followers, do Social Media Marketing, and others prefer doing the natural way. It’s not because it’s currently the popular thing, but because a business can reach a wide audience relatively easily on social media and for a lot cheaper.

By bringing your business a social media touch, you connect with your customers on different levels, create long-lasting relations with your customers and also possibly generate more business; social media also makes online marketing much easier.

Here are some social media statistics that prove businesses need to use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to compete in the modern-day market.

  • Social media usage for adults has gone up from just 7% in 2005 to over 69% in 2018.
  • 2 A million Businesses use Facebook to advertise their services and products

Facebook ads launched back in 2005 and it reached a massive ad revenue goal of 9.16B in the first quarter of 2017. It basically shows us that digital marketing and advertising is important and is here to stay.

Here’s why you should take the social media advertising route

Lower ad costs:

Traditional advertising methods such as TV, printed media, radio, etc. cost a lot of money compared to social media advertising. Not only is Social media advertising much more reliable, it’s also more interactive with the customers, dependable and multiple social media channels can be engaged through this form of advertisement.

Targeted reach:

Traditional advertising doesn’t provide you with the luxury to attain out to your market the way public media advertising does. It simply fails that way. If you are doing offline advertising, you’re taking the blind, shotgun way where your profits are dismal even if you are making big purchases. When using social marketing advertisements, you get in touch with targeted prospects that boost your conversions and, in the end, get an increased profit on return.

Real-time performance evaluation:

Knowing if your advertisement is working or not is important in order to boost it. If you are doing any type offline advertising, you’re struggling to assess the performance of your advertising campaign. Which cripples massively cripples your time and efforts. Social media advertisings on the other palm allow you.

Boost brand awareness

Social media is a powerful tool to grow your brand and to build awareness for your business. If you’re a business and you dismiss the idea of social media, then you are potentially losing out on a lot of revenue and brand-growth for no reason at all.

It’s important for businesses to do effort and create social media awareness for their brand, because it’s a way of reaching a wide audience, getting the word out there and is a cheaper way of advertising in general.

There are considerable levels of content being created and distributed on the cultural web. This article may easily be uncovered by users by making use of keyword search, hashtags, etc. When people seek out the sort of content you’re posting on your communal media page, you might win new enthusiasts that want to follow along with, hook up and work with you.

It’s not about this content, but also about this content maker, which is you. When folks see great content being created and distributed, they’re interested in who’s behind it. This might cause them to look you through to LinkedIn and find out about your business.