An arborist cutting a tree with a chainsaw

There are many people out there who could benefit from having tree lopping services, though don’t fully understand the ways in which it can do so. For example, you may have a number of large trees on your property but do very little in the way of maintaining them. You simply leave them to their own devices, to grow unattended. If this is the case, then don’t worry because you’re not alone.

Often, many people only hire a tree lopping service once it’s too late and the tree needs removing altogether. In this article however, we’re going to explore the ways in which a tree lopping service can indeed improve the overall life and well-being of the tree.

You see, tree lopping isn’t just about cutting a tree down and removing it altogether. Just as being an arborist, doesn’t mean that they go around all day butchering trees. An arborist is a tree surgeon, and that means tending to and caring for, the trees in our local communities.

SO, without further a due, what are the benefits of a tree lopping service?

1 – Improve the health of the tree

Think about tree lopping as shearing sheep. If farmers were to neglect their sheep altogether, their woolly coats, or fleeces would continue to grow, invariably matting, becoming infested and even restricting the sheep’s movement and vision. Shearing a sheep is a painless and important process and keeps them clean and healthy. Tree lopping is not so dissimilar in that regard. Only, it involves clearing away dead branches, and pruning it back to a healthy state for it to grow from.

You see, branches die for all manner of reasons: it could be a lack of sunlight, it could be diseased, or perhaps the root structure of the tree may have been damaged. Whatever the case, your local tree lopping expert will be able to identify the source of the problem and advise you on how best to prevent it in the future. If left to rot, a dead branch can have a terribly detrimental effect on the tree, not to mention it being an eye-sore and a health-hazard.

2 – Keep your property and environment safe

Especially if you have children, you’ll want to keep your property as safe as possible. Pruning and tree lopping is an essential step in ensuring that your property is hazard-free. Again, a dead branch is much more likely to snap off in the wind, and to come crashing down onto anyone underneath. Or perhaps, if your child is out playing in the garden and they happen to step onto a dead branch, the likelihood of it snapping and them falling from the tree will be much higher.

By lopping the tree and clearing away any dead and dying branches, you’ll be creating a much safer and healthier environment, both for you and your family, and the tree itself.

Another scenario when tree lopping will be needed, is if a tree is growing too close to powerlines connecting your home to the grid. If left unchecked, a tree can cause damage to powerlines, resulting in some rather hefty fines (not to mention being a fire hazard and the potential of causing a blackout in your street). In fact, you might want to double check that your trees are at a safe distance immediately, as your local council can and will fine you for failing to take the appropriate action. Be aware, be diligent, but most important of all: be safe.

3 – Promoting a healthier flow of light and energy

Tree lopping services can be applied to thinning the canopy of a tree. But why would this be so important? You see, as a tree’s canopy becomes denser, it will begin to hinder the amount of sunlight that actually makes it through to the tree itself, and indeed the plant-life underneath. Thus, cutting back some of the canopy and thinning it is important for ensuring that the tree gets as much sunlight (and therefore energy), that it needs.

If you notice the plant-life under the trees canopy is starting to wither or simply refusing to grow, then the odds are that its not getting enough sunlight. Thus, thinning the canopy of the tree above will be the most appropriate action to take, in order to ensure that everything in your garden is getting what it needs. Again, this isn’t damaging the tree (when done correctly, of course), it’s a simple grooming technique that keeps it happy and healthy.

4 – Improve a tree’s aesthetic appearance

Trees are beautiful, there’s no denying that, however, they have a tendency of getting a little out of control if left unchecked. Thus, it is important that we step in now and again and tidy up their appearance. Think of it like straightening your child’s tie before going to school or brushing the knots out of their hair. If you want to keep your property looking beautiful and healthy, a tree loppers services might just be the perfect solution.