Cleaning Products For Electrical Technicians

According to an Australian government research paper, loosely made and poorly maintained electrical equipment causes a loss of 1.36% of all high voltage electric generation. In 2007 alone, these faulty and unclean materials were responsible for 2,980 GWh of all power produced in Australia.

Sellers or manufacturers of electrical products should make it a point to invest in the cleanliness of their products. To help you do that, we have made a list of few efficient cleaners every electrical technician needs to have in their stock. However, the quality of these products shouldn’t be compromised. We recommend you only purchase them from a sincere supplier. For more information, click here.

1. Contact Cleaner

This cleansing agent is a solvent that removes dirt and other contaminants from the external surfaces of electrical contacts. You could use it to clean the outer surface of your battery terminals, connectors, and switches. Many electrical contractors use it to quickly clean those surfaces without actually touching them.

The process is quite easy, all you have to do is bring the nozzle close to the area and press the pump. Contact cleaners come in pressurized aerosol cans. When you press an aerosol can, the spray reaches out to the smallest corners of your equipment.  These cleaners can remove oxidation oils and other contaminants from metal switches, relays, generators, bus bars, circuit breakers, and other devices.

2. Air Dusters

A build-up of dust, grime, oil and other materials on the movable parts of your machinery can cause it to slow down. Over a period, your machine will heat up during operations and this will inflate your power bills. Thankfully, you can control your power usage and even bring it down by buying air dusters. An air duster is a very simple device that blows away all the contaminating materials with the help of pressurized air.

Most air dusters are environment-friendly and do not deplete the ozone layer. They are non-inflammable and do not pose any health risks. Moisture-free and with zero-residue, these air dusters emit pressurized air at 11m/s and are an essential part of any electrical contractor’s inventory.

3. Conductive brushes

Made with a conductive material, these brushes provide a path from the charged surface to the ground. Like air dusters, these brushes to form an essential part of the electrical worker’s kit. If you are planning to buy this cleaning device, take note of the following things:

-Buy a brush that’s made of premium grade material. Don’t get fooled by fakes and substandard material.

-Choose a brush where the bristles have been tightened to the surface by staples.

-Use metal bristles for burnishing, polishing and no-sparking static dissipation. Brass made bristles work best here.

– Natural bristles are generally made of hog and horsehair. The former is more resilient and long-lasting.

4. Fibre Optics Cleaning

Have a telecommunication company as your client? If yes, you must have some equipment that specially caters to the company’s cleansing demands for cables and other electronic parts without any data loss. Since data speeds are critical in the telecom business, your cleaning equipment must help in maintaining those speeds. As the world moves from copper-based wires to fibre-optics, your cleaning equipment too must keep pace with these developments. And not just that, your technicians must also have the required knowledge. One such equipment is the fibre optic swab. It is heat bonded and has high absorbency.

5. Lint-free wipes

In some situations, you may want to wipe your equipment with a plain piece of cloth. However, electrical equipment requires a special kind of cloth, one that does not disrupt your machine. Lint-free wipes are the best alternatives in this case as they do not leave any minute threads or fragments. Such fragments or pieces may disrupt your equipment in various ways like short-circuiting.