SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an area of Internet marketing. It deals with resolving the question: “How can my site pop up first when someone on Google searches this or that?” Unlike other marketing disciplines, SEO is wrapped up by secrets. Like some medieval alchemy. If you try to gamble on the Internet, you will find many companies presented as SEO experts. They will say ” SEO is complicated science, we must not reveal secrets.”

What does it mean being the first on Google? When someone (from anywhere on planet Earth) is looking to buy your product, he sees your product first. Most projects on the web fail due to the absence of SEO optimisation.

Of course, we have to advocate Link Earning and Content Marketing as well. But many successful websites dominate on search engines owing to manually-built links. The role of link building is of great importance for SEO. Without an intentional search for links, marketing opportunities are missing. Ignoring a manual link building can be dangerous for Digital Marketing businesses.

Value of link building

Links have always been the core of Google’s original search algorithm. Google system evaluates the links.  Links are not created by chance, the building requires manual, human effort. Creating appealing content is very important for digital marketing. But a manual link building is necessary to make such content visible.

The reason lies in the fact that links are strong signals in the Google Search Algorithm. This is necessary for good ranking. So, links bring an entire value-added corpus:

  • Branding the site through anchor text
  • Meeting current content with new surfers
  • More access points to the site
  • Having live traffic to the site

To make full use of the value, manual treatment of links is a must. Regardless of how search engines manage their algorithms, links will always be relevant. But Google’s algorithm is not primary. The value the links give to the web is what makes them so significant. Links play a key role on the Internet because without them navigation would be difficult.

What is link building?

Link building is when you offer top class texts in exchange for a link. It is guest posting. Yet, it is also a link earning because you invested time, energy and ultimate knowledge. Smart work and mixing of different methods in link building will definitely give results in the future. It’s not cheap, at all.

I want to add that link building must be accompanied by quality content for the site. And you should generate a social signal along with the SEO friendly website. All this together represents the SEO success formula.


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