Picking up the rightest skateboard products can be very tricky since there are a lot of manufacturers available to opt out there. I-Wonder Power is an electric skateboard manufacturer that provides a wide range of skateboards, scooters, as well as the accessories needed. Find out more about the manufacturer here.

About the Company

I-Wonder Power focuses on producing electric skateboards and scooters with a competitive warranty and incredible value. The company has been established in 2010 and with years of experience, it is now growing as one of the leading manufacturers in electric scooter and skateboards production. I-Wonder produces skateboards with elegant and innovative design as the contribution to make the Earth as a greener place for people to live. With the specific mission to become a pioneer of skateboard manufacturer with the most powerful performance and advanced technology on the market, the company now reaches a wide range of customers from across the world. I-Wonder is now also a leading supplier of skateboards and the accessories.

The Company’s Products

There are three main products manufactured by I-Wonder, they are scooters, electric skateboards, and their accessories.

1. Electric Skateboard

I-Wonder is not only a leading electric skateboard manufacturer but it is also an important supplier of the products in China. The skateboards produced are all remarkable and rich in features. The products are not meant to fulfill the functionality need but also the style. By purchasing the wholesale electric skateboards from the factory you will get high-quality products with optimum services. There are some key features offered in the electric skateboards include a rechargeable battery with single motor or dual motors. The battery can add the speed of the skateboard up to 23-24 km/h. You can even easily travel by using the tool without any need of recharging for about 12-30 km. Not only that, the skateboard manufactured are able to take up to 120 kg of load. The company will also make it possible for you to get the best range of skateboards with various options at the competitive costs.

2. Electric Scooters

The company is not only great with their electric skateboards but also scooters. They will provide you with a stylish and smooth ride of scooters with 1 to 17 hours of charging time. You can travel for 15-15 km per hours easily by using the scooter. Not only that, you can speed up the vehicle up to 25-80 km/ hours on the roads. The scooter is also easy to ride and light in weight. This is also very simple to operate the motorized vehicle due to the electrical system applied. Find all of the excitement riding the scooter all around the town.

3. Electric Skateboard Accessories

I-Wonder is just like one-stop shopping for the skateboard products. There is a complete range of accessories options for the skateboards to delight your customers. Either it is for upgrading or optimization, you will be able to provide the accessories needed for your customers with the help of I-Wonder. The company provides wheels with lighter options as well as extra wireless controllers. There are various other products available, included a skateboard helmet, remote controller, carry bag, skateboard backpack, skateboard stand, belt cover, skateboard light, wall mount, and much more.

The Company’s Services

There are various services provided by I-Wonder to enable the customers to get the best from the company.

  1. Professional and Experienced Team

The manufacturer is supported by a skillful and professional core team with more than 8 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. They are the people that become expert in the field and really know what they are doing. The professional customer care provided leads you to have a different shopping experience.

2. Strict Quality Control

The electric skateboard manufacturer also applies a strict quality control and all of the products are manufactured under expert supervision. The functionality of the products is superb and the design is stylish with the latest technology applied. The products are tested for durability test, loading test, and drop test to ensure the quality.

3. Dust-Free Production

The manufacturing process involves 3 dust-free production lines to make sure the products are eco-friendly. This is also important to bring the company’s goal to create a greener place for people to live.

4. 12 Months Warranty

All of the customers will enjoy 12 months warranty when purchasing the company’s products. This is to make sure that the products are reliable, durable, customizable and the clients can get optimum services from the company. You can also benefit fast delivery from the company’s service and certified products.