Mouse is one of the most important equipment for every Counter Strike: Global Offensive player. It is your weapon, your means to survive and beat your opponents. So, if you always become the liability for your team and somehow always be the first one to die in the battle, maybe it is time to choose a better mouse. Here are some things you might want to consider when choosing the best mouse for CS GO.

Choosing the Best Mouse to Play CS GO

  1. DPI

DPI or CPI is very important when choosing a mouse for CS GO because it will determine how sensitive your mouse is. Actually, it is a matter of personal preference. However, most professional players tend to stick around 1,000. It might take you awhile to figure out how sensitive you want the mouse be, but you might want to start with 1,000 or lower to give you better control.

  1. Sensor

There are two different types of mouse sensors, the Optical one and the Laser one. Laser is the newest one and it has received a lot of praise for various computing purposes. However, when it comes to gaming, especially for such a fast moving game like CS GO, optical sensor is still the best option. Laser tends to be more sensitive so it will affect your gaming performance and you also will feel obvious differences when playing with different surfaces.
Actually, the type of sensor doesn’t really play a big role. When it comes to sensor, the brand matters more than the type. So, no matter which sensor you prefer, make sure to settle with the best brands like Logitech or Razer.

  1. Good Grip

No matter how expensive the mouse is or how good the reviews it gets, if you don’t feel comfortable using it, then don’t. Mouse is your main controller when playing this game so comfort is a very important aspect.
Don’t choose something too heavy because it will limit your hand movement and probably makes your hand get tired more easily. CS GO mouse don’t really need to much whistles and bells so make sure the mouse doesn’t come with unnecessary buttons or designs. It all will depend on your gripping style and playing style so make sure to choose carefully.

  1. Wired or Wireless?

When it comes to gaming, wired mouse is actually better. It is usually more reliable, some comes with higher DPI and you don’t have to worry the battery runs out and affect your game. It is also usually lighter than the wireless ones since it doesn’t need battery. But the drawback is, wired mouse might limit your movement. Wireless mouse gives you more freedom to move, but be careful when buying one because wireless mouse often lags.

  1. Combine with the Right Mouse Pad

It is safe to say that the surface is just as important as the mouse. It will help with muscle memory and also assist in controlling your hand movement. There are two things you need to consider when you are choosing a mouse pad—the material and the size.

When it comes to material, it is best to choose cloth because it feels more stable. But of course if you prefer glass or steel, it is completely okay. After choosing the material, don’t forget to consider the size as well. If you play with lower sensitivity, you might want to choose bigger mouse pad because you also need to make bigger movement.

Optimizing the Mouse Setting

Choosing a better mouse is one thing. But you should not forget to tweak the mouse setting as well. Firstly, it is recommended to change the pointer speed to 6/11. To do this, go to Control Panel → Mouse → Pointer Options. 6/11 is the default speed so if you have never changed it before it is the number you will see.

If the pointer speed is higher than 6, the sensitivity will increase and you might see that some pixels are skipped. If you go lower than 6, the amount of movement will be reduced. Still at the same page, make sure the “Enhance pointer precision” box is not checked. It is what the professional players do because mouse enhance pointer precision mess with the mouse movement.

Playing CS GO involves a lot of muscle memory. Your hand will remember how far it should move to reach a certain place or to make a certain action. This is why choosing the mouse and optimizing the setting is important. You can also try playing with various settings and sensitivity to find out the most suitable setting for you.