ElectrifAi is making waves in the tech world, specifically in AI. The artificial intelligence and machine learning development company is taking a new approach to software, ownership, and business philosophy, and it has a lot of people in the tech world talking. In fact, it is the core ElectrifAi leadership that is pioneering changes that might impact many other tech businesses down the road.

What is ElectrifAi?

ElectrifAi is a tech company that specializes in developing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for business customers in many different industries. More specifically, ElectrifAi develops tools that help collect and manage data. With automation and machine learning, these tools can improve over time, collecting more data more accurately and then utilizing those data to generate valuable business insights.

For example, ElectrifAi might gather customer data that a bank has on file and use that data to help steer upsell or cross-sale efforts to improve overall revenue.

Using data in this way, ElectrifAi is promising results in a matter of weeks (compared to the traditional nine months or more for less-intelligent machine systems).

But, it’s not just the machine learning and technological approach that is turning heads. In fact, ElectrifAi leadership is making its mark through a new, and potentially refreshing, business culture.

It starts with CEO Edward Scott. Educated at both Columbia and Harvard, Scott has been in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, and through his years, he has departed from many of the region’s standard approaches to business. He promotes a culture of humility and transparency, openly admitting when he doesn’t have an answer and allowing customers to see every last line of source code in the products he sells to them.

This novel approach appears to be improving customer relationships and even empowering customers to take ownership of their AI tools to find even better results after ElectrifAi’s part of the process is complete.

Backing Scott’s take on culture is the CTO, Luming Wang. A long-time veteran of Silicon Valley and the tech world, Wang has worked with giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber. He was also the head of data for a global investment firm called Millennium Management, a company that handled more than $30 billion in total assets.

Scott and Wang are in full agreement on the shift in culture, and both strive to promote the ideas of honesty, transparency, and humility throughout ElectrifAi. From the ground up, employees are encouraged to admit what they don’t know and where they don’t feel strong or confident. This transparent humility then drives efforts to explore ideas, learn, grow, and improve the entire company, one employee at a time.

At the same time, the open approach to software ownership is changing how many companies want to interact with Silicon Valley. While the tradition is to sell software as a service, promising results but maintaining the secrets of the code perpetually, ElectrifAi leadership is making it clear that their customers own every line of code and can do what they want with it.