Previously Drones or UAV’s are found as a military arsenal. The military personals fly’s that like a computer game, fires a missile from it to terrorists and kill some bad guys. That’s for keeping the security for people and peace. After that, some toy drones or UAV’s are available for children. Children’s are happy, so the parents are happy too by playing with the toys. But nowadays, drones are becoming more powerful which is not used as a toy anymore.

Equipped with a high-definition camera, it can be fly by your backyard, taking your family photo or your photo. It is bad. This is some unwanted privacy breaking thing and unacceptable. This should be stopped as soon as possible. You should have some law or right to protect your privacy against the drone.

A person may use drones for various purposes. Like shoot a movie, have some fun with that, generally casual stuff. But there is some illegal use of drones too.

1. Hackers use custom drones to hack in your laptop or smartphones. They use the Wifi network and raspberry pi attached to the drone to hack into your devices.

2. Criminal uses a drone to deliver drugs. In Mexico, police busted a phantom drone while, flying to provide a packet full of marijuana. And Amazon thinks of providing the merchandiser using drones. Just stop making kind of ideas alive.

3. Rival companies use a drone to spy on their competitors. Previously they hire a person to do that. Now they achieve that with technology. Knowing opponents secret, means you are way ahead of that company.

4. Some custom-made Weaponizing drones can shoot bullets. One 18-year old boy from Connecticut attached his semi-automatic pistol to a drone and shot a video of it in action, then upload that on YouTube. Sounds like an easy job. If an untrained teen can able to do that, think, what will happen if some engineers do it.

5. Terrorists use a drone to drop a dirty bomb. Or shoot their propaganda video. Bombs are not the only thing drones can drop. The may fill a drone with radioactive or biohazards material, and then crash that in a major city. The result will be devastating, and more innocent people will be dead.

6. Media or news channel use a drone for shooting unethically. Paparazzi always use this tricks for humiliating the celebrities. Now they have the chance to look over from sky to a movie set, and they are not allowed to enter.

7. The government uses a drone to spy on people. Not just government persons, police also use that while crowd control, in a protest rally, or just a potential criminal. This point may omit from the list, as it’s for a good cause. But stop, they also may spy on the people; they are not authorized to sneak on. Is that sounds a good thing to you?

8. Prisoner uses drones to have illegal drugs and mobile phones in jail. Jail is a funny place. If you have the money, you may get everything. And the controller or seller may bring the goods to jail using a drone. If it’s busted, no one knows a thing. But if it’s successfully done, the prisoners had a hell of a time by selling them. Do you know, some smartass may try to bring hand-guns and TNT using drones for a breakout, but their plan fails!

9. Illegal Surveillance made by a person. Some person may sick enough to take the dirty pictures of neighbors. Pedophilia is rapidly increased by secretly taking underage children’s pictures. But police gives much priority to bust them up.

10. Nuisance and danger to first responders. Some person may find it fun to flying a drone over no flying zone or near airports. Some people tried to become a reporter and became the danger to first responders like firefighter or police. This is also a crime and punishable.

This is just ten illegal uses of drones. The list will go on as much you want. But the main point is drones are now becoming a significant threat to privacy. The Drones are flying overhead by an anonymous person and tracking us, clicking pictures and shooting video without permission. And then send that personal data into the internet. We need to concern about that data and images ending up in the wrong hands. Goldman Sachs research predicts that by 2023, drone market will reach up to the US $14 billion worldwide. Mean too much security risk to cover.

Drug traffickers hacking U.S. border drones to gain illegal entry into the U.S. Source:

In response, every country makes their drone control law. Some area will be marked as a No drone zone. And if you broke some law, you may face fines and jail too. But the MNC are not seating still. They invent some technology to prevent drone to sneak into your privet life.

Some interesting things among them are-

1. Anti-Drone Birds: Eagles and Falcons are trained to catch drones. Only the police of Netherlands are using them. You too trained your bird to do the same.

2. Anti-Drone Drones: Anti Drone Drones is nothing but a big drone with a fish net, which stops the propeller of the targeted drone.

3. Anti-Drone Jammers: This is a costly technology, which jammed the incoming signal from the controller thus the drone stop working.

4. Drone-Blinding Lasers: This is like a jammer, but works to a predetermined part or field of any area. You can buy that for your house too.

5. Some other technique like ‘No Drone Zones, Drone Hijackers, Drone Detection Systems’ can be used. One person fires his Shotgun to a drone to kill that, and later have some issue with police too.

Now you know the possible threats from a drone. You also learn the method to protect your privacy against the drone. The people need to change their mind and way of thinking or nothing is safe and privet in this modern world.