In today’s time vacations have become mandatory whether you plan summer vacations or winter vacations but most people once in a year plan a vacation with their family. Planning a vacation comes with a lot of stress like searching for a suitable country or place for vacation, arranging hotels or other accommodations to stay in, booking flights or other means of transportation of your choice. Hotels play an important role when it comes to vacation, you don’t want to stay with your relatives and become a burden for them so staying at a hotel is a much better option than staying anywhere else.

Here are some reasons why you should opt for hotels over any other place for your vacations.

  1. Service- You are provided with room service anytime you want. If you want to explore the country or the place you have come for the vacation, you can simply ask at the reception about the places to explore. You can even ask them to book a cab or taxi for you which can take you anywhere and bring you back to the hotel.
  2. Worldwide availability- If you are the kind of person that plans vacation by sudden then you need not worry about the stay as now you can find hotels anywhere in the world. There are so many booking sites available nowadays that one can easily book a room in the comfort of their house. You can find a hotel in Mumbai, Delhi or any other city.
  3. Amenities- Vacations are meant for relaxation and enjoyment. You are bound to do your house chores when at home because you know there is no one to help but hotels provide you with room cleaning services, laundries, toiletries for the bathroom, towels, and internet connection. You are also provided with an in-house swimming pool, kids play area, gym, spa, and many more benefits.
  4. Availability of food- Usually every hotel has its own in-built restaurant to provide you with breakfast, lunch, brunch, evening snacks and tea, and dinner. Some people prefer to eat outside their hotels and some not. Some hotels also provide breakfast as a complimentary meal for the rest of your trip. You can even order your food in your room if you don’t feel like going anywhere.
  5. Easy bookings- nowadays booking a hotel has become so easy that you can book a hotel sitting anywhere at any time. You can find many online sites for booking hotels which is actually very convenient. You can find different hotels in those particular cities with their booking prices and the services they provide. For the betterment of the customer, they also provide you with actual pictures of the hotel and the rooms. You can find easy online bookings for hotels in Mumbai. Meeting new people- Another aspect of hotels is that they help you socialize more by meeting new people living in the same hotel. You usually tend to encounter people at bars, swimming pools, or in-house restaurants. Many concerts and events are also held in the hotels to promote socializing.
  6. Pet-friendly- if you are an animal lover and owns one then you should be careful while choosing hotels because there are some hotels that do not welcome animals. But on the other hand, there are many hotels which are not only welcome your pets but also take good care of them. You even get a play area for animals, food, and other essential things your pet requires. There are many hotels in Mumbai which are pet-friendly.
  7. The best option for tourists- Cities with popular tourist spots tends to attract many tourists from all over the world, the only option which is considered the best for tourists’ stay in hotels. Since tourists usually are unaware of the country o the city, their language, their culture, their food, etc. hotel comes to the rescue. They have all the knowledge of the neighbourhood and the surroundings.
  8. Safety measures- One of the most important things that hotels provide you is security. You can feel comfortable leaving your stuff inside the room as it is because the hotel provides excellent security and are committed to preventing loss of property. In case of any emergency like fire breakout, the staff is well trained for these types of situations and providing first aid. You can find security guards everywhere in the hotel, they make sure that no one from outside is allowed to enter the hotel unless they have a booking. You can also find security cameras in every lounge and every sitting area in order to avoid any kind of theft or an unfortunate incident.
  9. Good deals- Many hotels offer great deals at reasonable prices. You can even compare prices offered on different online booking sites and can choose whichever falls in your budget. You can also ask for discounts from hotels if you are planning a long stay. Many 3-star hotel in Mumbai offers great deals and attractive offers to attract tourists.
  10. Check-in and check-out- This is the important aspect while choosing a hotel which most people overlook. Your check-in and check-out depend upon the arrival and departure of your flights. On the other hand, hotels generally have their specific check-in and check-out timings which may or may not suit you. So, it is very important to discuss this with your hotel so that they are aware of your situation and do not cancel your bookings and you are charged with no extra cost.

Before selecting a hotel, you will have to be very clear about what part of your daily vacation budget will go to the accommodation. In addition, depending on the travel plan you have organized it will be important that the hotel is more or less central. You will also have to consider, next to the budget and the location, what you value most in your hotel: a spacious room, which is equipped with a spa, gym, which allows animals and has a good restaurant. The stay at Grand Hyatt Mumbai is great if you are planning to have an ultimate experience over there. With all this, surely in the destination city of your vacation, you will find the best hotel at the best price.