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Everyone may have a different point of view on the internet. Some use this for communication and some use it for entertainment. Some may use the internet as learning tools and learns some new thing from it. But did you ever think, the web is secretly influencing to make a judgment using the internet! The wrong propaganda from the internet or the false news can affect people for decades. Now the social networks and bloggers are doing something similar. They are rapidly making a point that is worthless. But at the end of the day, you are trapped by them and take a wrong decision anyway. This need to solve soon or the whole world faces the consequence.

The internet is developed in mid 60 by the researchers and scientists from United States Federal Government. On that time, the internet was just communication via computer networks. But from the 1990s the beginning of the modern Internet can be seen and introduced for the public. After that, no one can stop the spreading of the internet. There are over 10 billion websites are providing pieces of information to us. The bandwidth of Internet service provider has touched the sky. And the rapid change and upgrade of computers and smart-phones make that easier.

The positive part of the internet is – the open and free information. Anyone can access and know about anything. That makes the internet a global learning school. But how a person may use that knowledge is based upon his/her choice. Anyone can learn ‘how to make a bomb’ and make one. It’s like,- a knife can save a life in the hand of a doctor in operation theater, also able to take a precious life when a criminal uses it. It’s not internets fault; it’s just a platform where everybody has an equal chance to speak out.

When you read something in a reputed website, evidently you think it’s true. But sometimes a news article can be manipulated. It was done before, and it’s happening now. The paid news media creates the rumor about something. It creates an artificial hype for a product like Apple iPhone. People always jump on the door of Apple store before the launch day, to get one for him. But do you think, they are acutely worth the money! Or recent ‘Sarahah’ app, everybody shares the anonymous message on their Facebook page. It is called forced decision taking. You need to think before act on something. You undoubtedly view some YouTube ad, where you are compelled to west your time to see that boring thing. Or if you make a Google search for a flight ticket to France, your Facebook page shows some hotel’s ad right after that. They are interconnected through the internet and poke you to choose as they gain money from your judgments.

In social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, a person creates fake news or posts intentionally. Why? He/she was paid by someone to spread that news or image. The image may cause various problems over society, fight between different religion, fight among the different races, or just starts a riot. Some fool people do not validate the euthenics of that news and jump to the conclusion. Then the actions are dangerous for society. People sometimes be fool by scam email, or fake email and lose their hard earn money. Or be a part of the chain email campaigning, without knowing the result. Another example is the online lottery; peoples may quickly fall for that to make easy money, which leads them to lose some money for sure. Because of the strict cyber-crime law, the rate of the cyber-crime decreases significantly. It is a success against the criminals or activists, who may try to make a fool of you and force you to judge something on based on their theory.

Or the blogger may write something wrong or some real things which may hurt the readers. The point is, the article may influence you. So never trust a single news or article about anything important. Try to validate that from a different source. Then say or write something on the internet. It’s you who write or say something in an open platform like Facebook or Twitter, but the person who read that may not agree on that. It’s your responsibility to do the right thing personally. But as deep web or dark web exists, it’s becoming tough to identify the real culprit behind. The rapid evolve of tech is their ally on this.

But the good news is, the government is aware of this situation and made some law. They called it the cyber-crime law. Every country has their law. They are so useful and powerful. If implemented correctly, the criminal activity will stop soon. And the social networks have their support team for validating the posts. If someone makes a report about a post or tweet, the team then looks on that. If it goes against their rules, they will delete that post or ban the person who is behind that. But to catch that person, and take him into custody, it’s the police who can do it. You just do your part. If you see, read or find any fake prorogating Facebook post or blog or tweet, do not heist to report to the respective authorities. This will bring a change.

Hope you understand, how the internet in sneaking in our mind and changes our decisions. The free will is the thing that makes us different from other animals. Let not give them the chance to change our judgment using the internet. We need to open our eyes for that.