Hosting providers are provided to help us store our website in the server. They provide a hosting service for everyone who need it. the hosting provider also can guide the user to visit our website.

Web Hosting Provider

This provider will accommodate everyone to store the website. There are many kinds of web hosting providers over their services. We can select the best one that we trust. The ten most popular providers are, UK,,,,,,,,

Hosting providers should provide the feature service of the website. There are several types of hosting services. It depends on the type of the business. Some of the website hosting company will build the whole website. So, we can choose the hosting provider as what we need.

How to choose the best hosting provider

Since there are thousands of hosting provider, we have to be careful in choosing the hosting provider. We have to check hosting providers before we use it. There are several points we have to consider to choose the best hosting company.

1. Bandwidth

The first step we need to do before we select the hosting provider is evaluating the disk space and bandwidth. If we have many pages and many graphics we need the disk space and descend bandwidth. If we make the simple site, we can use the less disk space and also bandwidth.

2. Compatibility

It is also important to make it compatible. When we are looking for the hosting provider, we have to make sure that the operating system is compatible with the program. So, you must check the operating system first.

3. Reliability

Good hosting provider will have more than 90 percent of the reliability. It helps the customer to make claims if they have a problem. So, you have to make sure that the hosting provider keeps their promise.

4. Security

The security is also important as our concern. Without checking the security when you choose a hosting provider is not suggested. It is better if you ask the security system and ask the notification of every activity. The security alert will help you to keep the data and system.

Hosting Package

There are some packages offers by the good hosting provider. The first is shared website hosting. It is the basic package often offers to us. It can help to send an email, sharing file, and ecommerce site.

The second is VPS. It is designed with virtual server of ours. It makes our site is reliable and help to separate with others.

The third is wordpress. The wordpress offer good performance. It has load time faster than others, security system that only works with wordpress, and the updated system.

Hosting Quality

The quality of the hosting is affected by several factors. They are:

– Uptime guarantee. The higher guaranty will show that the hosting provider is responsible. More than 98 percent guarantee can be one of our choices. We can trust them because they will responsible with us.

– Load time
Load time is one of the considerations. If you can upload the data consist of many pages in a short time, it will be better. You do not need to wait for a long time. Do not choose the hosting provider that need long time uploading, sometimes it can cause an error.

– Customer support
The customer service which gives you full service in 24 hours for 7 days is good. It will be easier to work with them because we can contact them all the time we need.

– Location
The location also can influence the speed level. The website loading can be faster if the location and the server is close to UK or US. The amount of the server also can influence the service. The more servers mean the faster service for the customer.

Hosting Providers’ Customer Service

The good quality of hosting providers will give full service for you. They will provide 24 hours of customer service. So, if you have any problem, you can consult to them. The good hosting provider will give you service personally through phone, email, and online chat. They will give the solution for you.

The good hosting provider also will guarantee you by giving your money back if they could not help your problem. They will give you full of the money without any charge if you are not satisfied. They also will write on the customer review site so everyone can see it. They will not write down in the testimonial chat to keep the privacy.