An overheated laptop can cause a huge inconvenience. When the temperature starts rising beyond normal, the performance of the laptop will slow down and even shuts down by itself. Thankfully, a simple laptop cooling pad can effectively solve this problem. But of course, you need to choose a good cooling pad first. To make sure you will not make a mistake, here are some features you need to look for when purchasing a laptop cooling fan.

Cooling Pad with Fan

There are two types of the cooling pad for laptop in Sri lanka. The first one is the passive pad which doesn’t come with a fan. It only provides elevation for the laptop to improve airflow from and to the internal fan. The best thing about this pad is it doesn’t require power.  However, it is still capable to absorb heat due to a thermally conductive characteristic of the material.

Unfortunately, the passive pad is not always an effective tool to cool down an overheated laptop. This is because it is incapable to blow cool air to the laptop, which will help to reduce the temperature. Therefore, it is best to choose the second type of cooling pad—active pad.

The active pad comes with one big fan or several smaller fans. The fan is able to blow cool air to the laptop as well as absorb warm air from it. The fan is activated by plugging it into the laptop’s USB port. So, this type of pad will draw power from the laptop. Even though it uses power and can be a hassle if you are on battery, this pad is much more effective to fix to overheat.

Metal Instead of Plastic

Cooling pad for the laptop is made of either plastic or metal. While plastic is a more affordable option, metal is far more durable. Therefore, it is a better choice for bigger laptops. Moreover, metal is also a better heat conductor. It can absorb heat excellently, which makes it the better option particularly for demanding usage.

Extra USB Port

If you often plug plenty of things into your laptop, then you might want to consider a laptop cooling pad with the extra USB port. Since you also need to plug the fan into your laptop, it will take up one precious USB port. If the cooling pad comes with some extra USB ports, you don’t have to sacrifice one thing to get the other.

Dimension and Design

Before you buy the cooling pad, it is important to pay attention to the dimension and design first. You must measure the dimension of both your laptop and the pad. Make sure the fan doesn’t clog up the air circulation to your laptop.

Furthermore, if you choose an active pad with fan, please make sure that the bottom part of the pad is covered. If there is no barrier between the fan and the surface—the table, for example—the fan will suck too much-unwanted dust. Eventually, the dust can enter the internal fan of your laptop and worsen the overheating issue. It is also best to get a product from the reputable brand so you don’t have to worry about the quality.