As more people are choosing motor assisted and battery boosted bikes, it is perfectly clear that there is an e-bike revolution overtaking the world.

It is also pretty certain that this is not just another fad which will quickly go away, as more electric bike producers are entering the market.

Plus, many countries and cities have been stimulating their residents to ride e-bikes instead of cars by offering them incentives such as zero-interest loans, tax cuts and even financial compensation for purchasing an e-bike (like in Norway). This means that the world is looking at these eco-friendly vehicles as a great alternative for fossil fueled cars and buses, and for helping deal with the ever-growing problem with traffic congestion in most big cities and densely populated urban areas.

If you are not quite sure whether you are an electric bike person or not, here are some features and facts about e-bikes which might help you make up your mind.

Electric bikes still require pedaling, but they make it way easier

E-bikes are not mopeds, they are more like regular bikes but with a motor powered by a battery which provides pedal assist. This is why they are called pedalecs. You will still be doing some of the pedaling, but the motor will help you on the way.  This is great especially if you live in a hilly city or area or if you like mountain riding. The motor of the electric bike will help you zip up those hills without all the sweat, panting and frustration of pedaling without assistance. Also, the motor assistance will allow you to travel further and reach your destination faster. Yet, unless you have a bike with a throttle, you still will need to do some of the pedaling and will still be in control of the speed just like on a regular bike.

E-bikes are fast but are not too fast

The more effort you put into pedaling, the greater the boost from the motor you will get, but this has a limit. Motors for e-bikes are made to cut off the power boost as soon as you reach 20-30 mph depending on the type of electric bike you have.

So, you will definitely get to your office, school or other destination faster than if you are riding a traditional bike, but don’t expect to be reaching super speed with one of these electric two-wheeled vehicles.  This is done for safety and for legal reasons, which though allows you to ride an e-bike without licensing it, or without a driver’s license. In many countries and areas, you can ride it on cycle lanes and other areas where motorized vehicles are not allowed.

A great plus is that you get to choose the amount of motor assist you receive by adjusting the power boost switch which most electric bikes have.

You will get to ride even more than you are riding now

Surveys in the US and in the UK have found that people who switched from regular bikes to electric bikes tend to ride them more than before. In fact, over 90% of the people who participated in the surveys claim to use their e-bikes on a daily and weekly basis, as compared to 55% daily and weekly usage of the regular bike before that.

The reason, of course, is that the e-bike requires much less effort, so it is excellent for commuting or running errands. Regular bicycles too are great for these reasons, but often times people find themselves too tired to use them on a daily basis.

Electric bikes also promote more riding and covering larger distances for non-cyclists too, according to the survey results.

You can use your e-bike for everything and for everybody

Even if you don’t enjoy road riding, you can be certain that there is an electric bike suitable for you. There are so many variants and models available, which anybody can choose from. You can get a mountain e-bike, a cargo e-bike, a fat bike, a hardtail and full suspension bike, a commuter electric bike, a road bike or a recreational one. There are e-bikes for people of all ages, so don’t worry if you feel a bit old for riding one, or consider getting one for your kid to join you on your riding trips.

Electric bikes are much better than cars for running errands

So many people are choosing to use e-bikes instead of their cars for their daily errands such as for taking the kids to daycare or to school, for grocery shopping, for carrying cargo and for just about anything else they usually do by driving. The reasons for this are many. Electric bikes are eco-friendly and more people are looking towards leading a greener lifestyle. Also, they don’t use fuel, so you can save loads of money form that too. E-bikes are also easier and faster to get around especially in cities and areas which are densely populated and have overwhelming traffic jams. The e-bike also can be parked anywhere without a fee. Last but not least – with an e-bike you can get to your destination quickly and without too much effort or sweat.


These are just a few of the factors which make electric bikes such amazing vehicles and perfect alternatives to cars, public transportation, regular cycling and walking.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand why e-bikes are gaining so much popularity in recent years, and may even make you consider joining the electric bike revolution yourself!