What headphones do you use now? How do you think about wireless headphones from Apple? Well, yeah, it sounds very tempting. Imagine having wireless headphones so you don’t have to deal with wires. It will be a very practical solution. As stated by Tim Cook, Apple CEO, that wireless is the future. This is the near vision from Apple that will certainly be a great innovation.

In 2016’s year event, Apple has showed four pairs of these headphones. Apparently, among those four, the fourth headphones were the ones that drew the most attention. This is the future version of wireless headphones from Apple that are known to be AirPods and will be sold at $159, a fair pair for such high tech device. After months of delays, finally the last and final version of AirPods has arrived. After these headphones are being tested, it is very easy to conclude that the headphones are definitely more than most people expect before. They are real and superb. In fact, they are more than the first draft that was being released earlier months. These headphones simply become a future product.

AirPods Design

Despite the advanced technology used in these headphones, they do have some flaws. The size for instance is a flaw as it may not perfectly fit because Apple use general standard for the size. So, it should not be big issue as it is also the same thing that happens with EarPods. From the design, AirPods do have some differences with the EarPods. The EarPods shape is more round while AidPods share is slightly more contoured. This difference actually makes AirPods more comfortable to be used than the EarPods.

AirPods Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, Apple definitely has made a great job. Every time including this time, Apple has always made a success with their headphones sound quality. Compared to EarPods, the new AirPods definitely have much better sound. According to Apple, this high sound quality can be made true because of the audio components. The sound is clear yet the bass is very dynamic. Imagine listening to Me and Your Mama from Childish Gambino and you will see for yourself how great the sound quality is. This is one of the reason that makes AirPods perfect for watching movies.

AirPods are also released with other high tech feature, the Bluetooth connection. This time, Apple don’t let down the fans because the Bluetooth connection in AirPods is definitely robust thanks to Apple’s W1 chip. This particular chip is the chip that Apple had introduced before in September. It allows breeze initial pairing process. Therefore, right when you flip the cap, there will be a screen that pop up on iPhone and ask you to connect the iPhone with the AirPods. This way, you no longer have to turn on the Bluetooth every time you want to connect the headphones.

With varying features offered by AirPods, it will not be hard for AirPods to gather as many fans as it likes. Thanks to Apple, we all now have the future headphones.