Life is race, who would have thought that this quote will give birth to another race in the taxi-booking world. 

What was challenging yesterday like finding a cab or a taxi is now easy with the arrival of a taxi-booking application.  Due to the constant rise in demand, the whole concept has given great opportunities to mobile app development companies like Appventurez to develop robust applications with great features. 

This is the reason, as per Statista, it has been estimated that 2.72 billion dollar revenue can be generated from taxi services in between the year 2020-2022 along in the US.

Thus, with the arrival of a robust and featured filled taxi application, booking a taxi, or a cab is just a click away. But in the midst of constant demand and supply, the need to offer great app is challenging but not unattainable.

If not the name, the initial stage to hook the audience is the UI of the application whereas the features in it still hold the first place. 

Take the example of top on-demand taxi booking applications in the world and see what is so attractive about these apps that they are topping the chart. 

Meanwhile, to help you get started with your taxi-booking application, let us give you 6 most important features to include. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started- 

8 most important feature to include in your taxi booking application


  • Easy onboarding process


When a user is downloading your application among many competing applications in the market, it becomes your responsibility to offer them something everyone is lacking. 

When others are busy indulging users in the sign-up process, hook your audience by giving them various options to signup. The signup options can be social media platforms like Facebook, Gmail, etc. 


  • Geolocation integrated application


Your taxi booking application is nothing without the mention and usage of geolocation technology. 

The technology will help both sides- the passenger and the driver. By integrating it, it will become easier to know the location of both of them. 


  • Payment options


You are developing the taxi booking application to earn money through an application along with serving passengers too. 

For the utmost comfort of the user, it is mandatory to offer them various payment options by including wallets, net banking, debit/credit card, and other similar option. 

Meanwhile, when concentrating to offer great payment options, make sure not to miss security standards. Leaking of any sort of payment or transaction-related thing can impact the overall performance of your application. 


  • Push notifications


Any update taking place in your application is deserved to be known by the user too. Not just updates, deals, discounts, new offers, etc should be shown timely to the user.

To do so, a feature called push notification can easily bridge the gap between the user and the app. Skipping any link to communicate is an unhealthy practice for the overall success of the app.


  • Location saving option


For regular commuters who travel to a particular destination every day, letting them skip feeding the same address daily can become fruitful for the app. 

To go ahead with the same practice, make sure to introduce a feature that will help users mark their favorite place, location, destination, etc. 

Always remember, convenience is the key. 


  • Estimate time of arrival


Booking a cab obviously means convenience a user is looking for. 

Depriving them of this conveniency is a sin in the taxi-booking application world. To cut the issue, ensure that you are including drivers ETA (estimated Time of Arrival) reflecting on the screen. 


  • Sharing of information


For safety purposes when a user is booking the cab, make sure to let them share the trip status to their near ones. 

Apart from safety, offering this feature in the application would hook the user to the app while making them keep coming back to the same app. 


  • Reviews and ratings


When having a bad user experience, ratings become the utmost tool to convey what you felt. Meanwhile, when you had a great experience, writing a review will do no harm. 

Thus, never skip adding the feature of review and ratings in your application. Furthermore, apart from knowing what is wrong in your application, you can use the review thing to make further changes in the application. 

So, these are the 8 must-have features to be included in your taxi-booking applications. Skipping them is a sin and adding them is giving life to your taxi-booking app idea. 

Also, always remember that the competition in the taxi-booking app market is quite stiff. And if you want to admit your application in the success chart, make sure to include something your competitor is not offering.

Till then, best of luck….!