With the development of technology, spying phones can be done by anyone nowadays. One of the ways is by using an application named Spyzie. Do you want to know how to spy phones with Spyzie? If you do, please kindly read the information below since we will give you a further explanation about how to create a Spizie account and even how to hack a phone number location.

The steps of spying phones with Spyzie App

Generally speaking, there are three main steps that you should do if you want to use the application to track the activities of the spied phones.

1.    Creating an account

In creating a new account, you are suggested to use your real e-mail address since it will allow you to receive the links for application downloading. It is, indeed, true that you can get the application for free, but if you want to utilize the more advanced features, you can choose the premium version of the application.

2.    Installing the application

After successfully creating an account, you will be directly guided to a setup part. On the very first page, you will be asked to enter the name of the owner’s target phone. Besides, it is also important to choose the suitable operating system – either it is for android phone or iPhone. After that, you are allowed to download and install the Spyzie App. Now, you can directly sign into your account and then activate it. For your information, this application operates in a stealth mode.

3.    Viewing the monitored data

As soon as the application installed in the target phone that you want to monitor is completed, you can follow the setup process on your own monitoring device. You can access the monitoring page at https://my.spyzie.com/dashboard.html or you can simply utilize the control panel application.

Find My Phone Location for Free

There are also several ways to spy the phone location without the needs to pay an extra cost. Spying phone location is sometimes needed to do, especially by parents whose kids need such a special supervision. That is why in this article, we will also show you the list of several spy application that can help you do the parental control more easily.

1.    Spyzie

As has been explained previously, this application is quite effective to monitor the activities on a mobile phone. Another function of this application is to track the location of the target phone. To be put in your consideration, this application successfully gets 95% customer satisfaction.

2.    Fami Safe

Famy Safe is one of the best applications included in the list of “find my phone location for free“. It is specifically designed for smartphones like Android phones or iPhones. This application allows you to track the location of the target smartphones for free. It also comes with various other features like accessing browsing and application usage history.

3.    Web Watcher

For your information, WebWatcher successfully gets the first seat of the best monitoring app for both mobile phone and PC for six years in a row from 2011 until 2016. This application is compatible with all devices – like Android, iOS, even blackberry. Besides, what makes people love it is the fact that it is very easy to be installed within 5 minutes, and the result is completely undetectable, allowing you to monitor the target phones without the owners knowing about it.

How to Hack a Phone Number Location

Many people wonder whether it is possible to identify the location of a certain phone by only knowing its number. This action is sometimes needed to do because of various reasons, for example, you can monitor the location of the target phone owner – it can be your child, for example, or it can allow you to track down your misplaced or stolen cell phone. If it is stolen, then the tracking activity may become a bit more challenging, if someone holding your phone turns off the GPS and data pack. However, everything will become easy now, since you can use the Spyzie App to help you know the location of your stolen phone only by knowing the cell phone number. Here are some steps of how to hack a phone number location.

It is surprisingly possible to hack a phone number location as the actors do in several movies. But there are at least two requirements to make it possible. First, the phone should be switched on, and second, the SIM card should be activated. But before hacking the phone number location, make sure that you have a strong reason, and also make sure that everything is within the law – if it is your own phone.

First of all, since one of the requirements to track down your phone is that the phone should be in an ON mode, you should check if it certainly is. You can send a link which contains a bug through a text message. But the challenging job here is to make the text convincing enough so that someone holding your phone is interested and convinced to click the sent link. As soon as the bug successfully access and switch the GPS on, you can start tracking the stolen phone. However, these steps are pretty hard to do because as long as the phone is switched off and the link is not opened, then you will not be able to track the location.

Then, is there any other alternative way which is easier to do? There certainly is. You can use Spyzie to track down your phone location only by identifying its number. This application even allows you to know whether the target phone user decides to change the SIM card. Besides, it neither needs any complicated codes, nor convincing texts and bugs. As soon as you realize that your phone is misplaced or stolen, you can immediately access the feature called “remote locking”. In other words, not only does Spyzie allow you to know the location of the phone, but it also helps you to completely protect your phone and its data.